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6 Ways To Engage Your Personal Health Advocate

pic of woman stressed personal health advocate

A personal health advocate — your very own! I know you’ve had ENOUGH. So this is no glam, no glitter, just ways to engage me and the services I bring, deliver or steer you towards.

Call to chat — for 20-30 minutes

We do much more than chat. This word tends to minimize what you may be dealing with, and I don’t want to do that. The phone is a sure way to connect with me.  My specialty: moving you into greatness despite what’s not working and feeling stuck.

Arrange a face-to-face — online 

If you have Skype, Zoom, Google Groups, FaceTime, or other live interactive systems, we can eyeball each other and you can see if you feel comfortable with me. I will listen, assess, process and suggest possible actions depending on what you tell me. This includes referrals to HealMobile members or other professionals.

Book an in-person appointment

Consultations are free when done by phone or online, but if you’re going to make an appointment that’s exploratory, I must charge. This is because I don’t see people unless I’m going to work with them and on them. Literally. I might use essential oils or Reiki, or get to tapping or doing AFT. You’ll feel better when you leave, so it will be worth the visit.

Commit to 30-days, four months, or longer

We can co-create a tailored holistic health plan. Depending on your goals, the plan can include a range of objectives and action steps. This typically evolves out of one or two sessions that let you know you’d like to go all-in and commit to a longer-term.

Personal Health Advocate’s Code

I’m a stand for the brilliance of your mind, body, spirit, and emotional and social health. The Healing Touch Professional Association has a professional Code of Ethics by which I abide. I’m also a member of the Energy Medicine Professional Association and the African Holistic Health Chapter of NY.

I believe in and submit my will to God alone. My spiritual canopy involves obedience to al-Fatihah, the Lord’s Prayer, Ten Commandments, 42 Laws of Ma’at, Eight Noble Truths and other standards promoting the most righteous behavior among human beings.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid