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Reiki and Oils Videos

Reiki with Niamo

CLICK THE PICTURE ^  ABOVE to see the REIKI with Niamo video embedded on the HealMobile’s Reiki page.


The next installment, already made but still “in the editing room,” will concern the science behind Reiki and Energy Work.  I made a 25-minute video then realized it was really two videos. So, chop-chop.


The bottom line is this–the holistic health modalities that state you are a spiritual being having a human experiences scientific basis.  This is especially understandable if you believe in waves, frequency, and movement of spheres. ;-D


OILS VIDEO  Clicking this link takes you to the YouTube video. Bear with me while I get this video onto this site. Enjoy!  (I had BIG FUN making these. So don’t be mad at me … )