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Receiving The Mind Stream

Woman practicing yoga and receiving at the beach.

The art of receiving is one of the keys to a successful life. Many self-growth speakers and writers promote being grateful for what you have received, especially if you expect or want to receive more.

Not many are telling you about the simple mechanism of receiving. Chinese medicine expert David Crow expounded on it recently, and emphasized that the mind stream carries the energy of qi/chi/ki/prana.

This means that pranic or reiki energy is flowing towards you into whatever you are thinking, doing, even eating, at any time. Its always flowing and you’re always receiving.

Therefore, when you feel you are stuck or stopped, you are not receiving. You may need a jump, leap or infusion in energy, but you have to be open to receive it first.

Receiving is the body’s automatic position

Receptive energy is the kind that facilitates the body’s processes until it shuts down. Its receiving mode is always on. Crow discussed the prana vata — the bio-electrical current of the brain and nervous system.

“When we take essential oils and plants, we’re affecting the mind stream that carries the thoughts…” he said (his new course is here). The thoughts on the stream in turn affect the body through the olfactory system and the digestive system.

Yet the words breath, life force and energy (prana/chi/qi/ki) are inadequate to describe how the body-mind is a constant receiver and is receiving at all times.

As I study the mechanics of breath, I come away with a greater innerstanding of the role of my mind and thoughts. Crow says one can learn to “survive the dissipation of the body.” When ill or afflicted, you can survive the body’s breakdown from inadequate life force. And it all begins by your breathing with intention.

Openings and Being Open for Receiving

As described in my book, Light on Reiki and Neo-African Mysticism, it is possible to strengthen your ability to receive by breathing.

Specific breathing methods for the various levels of prana and chi are detailed in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, respectively. Western doctors are studying these ancient approaches and your study of them is being proactive. Read a few articles about the many types of qi/chi/ki here.

Suffice it to say, we each automatically embrace breath, because every part of our bodies are breathing all the time. For starters, we smell through the nose (and points on the body), breathe through our pores, and exchange air orally.

All openings of the body function as two-way passages in ways that are still surprising but important for spirt-mind-body harmony.

Be A Receiver

This information has bearing on people who find it difficult to focus, make decisions, or reduce stressful thought patterns. While listening to Crow I jotted down: “Anxiety and depression have to do with our ability to metabolize information and experiences.”

When something happens, do we metabolize it or do we digest it? In other words, do we  “utilize the energy we have absorbed” or do we accept it as food to “[send] through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and eliminate waste via the intestines”?

Note that utilizing and accepting are forms of receiving. However, it is a normal to believe that we suffer from excess stress because experiences are not metabolized or digested.

We block, deny or in other ways push back the experiences and their messages.

Don’t Hold Your Breath

Reiki is an expression of the art of receiving. We call the recipient of reiki energy a Receiver, and a session begins with him or her taking deep breaths. We practitioners want you to release all HOLDS on your breath!

According to Chinese and Indian wisdom, willingness to receive is key to catalyzing spontaneous healing or correction of issues. That you have allowed yourself to receive and breathe deeply plays a part.

You are invited to choose an active role in holistic healing by being observant of your breathing as receiving. My earlier post on knowingness describes this state of receptive, honoring breath in another way.

If all this seems a bit woo-woo, keep an open mind. Science is verifying the role of the mind in receiving as part of anticipation and prediction. Consider the multi-dimensional aspects of your spirt-mind-body as a good thing that you can control.

Just apply a little thought and energy. We Reiki workers want you to feel as if you have been replenished; as if your can-do spirit cannot be stopped. ;-D

–Rev. Niamo Nancy