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Other People’s Energy– and what to do with it

Ever feel other people’s energy and wonder if Reiki or holistic living can help? It can! One of the greatest gifts is Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique. I use it as part of my Free Your Feelings technique.

Look at how you have interacted with people over the years, and notice the patterns you may carry that are not your own.

Learn where you are most vulnerable. At work, you may have a shift in energy depending on coworker you have to work with. You may feel elated by the welcoming energy of one person and deflated by the repellant energy of another.

People’s Energy — Family and Friends

It may be when you gather with family during holidays, you notice your reversion to being the middle sister or prodigal son, for example, once again. And note that family members seem to have caught feelings because you are your authentic self, or not.

You may feel vulnerable giving gifts for birthdays and special occasions. What is the best way to show appreciation and not fall into preconditioned ways of acting in reaction to othersreaction? Side-eyed, startled, grateful, anguished. Notice any triggers. This one of the ways you take on other’s energy.

Plus, most of the people aren’t even trying to emit anything; they are being themselves and displaying, energetically, their natural vibration. It may not be good for you.

Until you learn how to “hold your own,” other people’s energy will continue to take its toll on your spirit-mind-body.

The Zipper against People’s Energy

I listened to an audio of the recent World Tapping Summit and Carol Tuttle explained a technique taught to her by energy master Donna Eden. The Energy Zipper allows you to close off your energy so that no one’s vibrations can enter into your space and mix with or affect yours.

You may use it after a Tapping (and other energy work) session, and this is initiating and taking responsibility for your own vibratory protection. It is a mental process that zips up your central meridian area, as the video describes.

You can also use the zipper before entering into stressful situations. Just state your intention to be open to loving vibrations only, and to return unwanted frequencies to their sender– “Here, that’s yours.”

The zipper technique is said to strengthen the entire meridian system. Elsewhere on this site I’ve discussed how thought governs every aspect of holistic success, so use your thoughts to picture yourself zipped up, protected and shielded, even emboldened, as necessary. Do this with words or by visualizing, whatever is easiest for you.

Mirroring People’s Energy

By the same token, when you feel bombarded by other’s sharp or even dragging frequencies, develop The Mirror super-power. In this scenario, shields up (remember the Black Panther scene ?) means imagining mirrors facing outward all around you, accompanied by the message, “Back at YOU.”

You stand in the center with a ring of mirrors encircling you and facing unwanted energy coming at you, and feeling untouched.

It is extremely important to maintain your energetic frequency at a high level and not be drowned and downed energetically, inadvertently or on purpose. Low personal energy is always associated with dis-ease symptoms and lack of wellbeing.

Try either of these techniques on a “minor” scale. See if people pick up your signals to decline their off-loading or return their barbs and target practice.

The next step is to develop the communication skills (speech pattern) to match your protective actions so the message is unambiguous when it needs to be, instead of subtle.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy