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Receiver of Innergy, Grateful I Am

I’m grateful to be able to teach about personal energy and healing superpower.

I’m grateful for the ability to hear.

Grateful I Am for the ability to listen.

I’m grateful for Reiki — energy healing life force connecting me to Spirit.

Grateful I Am for the Truth bringing Light.

I’m grateful for wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Practicing Reiki unlocks the keys to your Self.

Grateful I Am for the warm body that is my beloved’s.

I’m grateful for his mind and how it thinks and processes.

Reiki enables you to presence the abundance of Re-Ra-Ruh [OnePowerness]

Grateful I am for my own body, mind, spirit and life.

I’m grateful to remember God and praise and thank God.

DO JOIN ME in celebrating the power of gratitude if just for a moment of reflection within this reminder, right now.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

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