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REACH for Forgiveness Using Mindset & Energy Tools


Forgiveness can help something new to grow.

Harvard University promotes increasing forgiveness to better manage your mood and memories. Their health college’s REACH program acronym stands for Recall, Empathize, Altruistic Gift, Commit and Hold. This approach to building your muscle of forgiveness closely aligns with the mindset and energy tools and services I offer.

Recall means you must completely immerse every aspect of the memory of an incident that upsets you and the person who you know you need to forgive. Use your seven senses (described in my book Light on Reiki) to makes sure you miss nothing about the negative experience that needs to heal.

Seven senses recap: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing plus third eye– intuition, and crown– connection to Spirit.

Empathize involves developing an arm’s length view of what happened. Then you can strive to increase your appreciation for all sides; that is, theirs and yours, and separate fact from feelings.

Altruistic gift is the mindset that has you realize you were forgiven about something at least once, so you are familiar with how it feels to “for-give” meaning give forward. Now, with awareness, it’s time to pay it –the forgiveness– forward.

Read the short overview of REACH here.

Forgiveness and Self-Healing

The Commit approach is just what it says. Holistic methods such as Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and Aroma Freedom allow you to commit to forgiveness.

Specific senses are used in traditional Asian and other ancient methods to uncover the hidden gems in past experiences.

I have seen the tactile sense of touch used in the Tapping process bring to the surface memories that seem unrelated, but are intrinsic to an issue. The buried memory can expose the depths of an issue in ways traditional therapeutic methods would not.

Similarly, the sense of smell can awaken new perspectives, understanding and resolve, because a compassionate level of forgiveness is awakened in the Aroma Freedom process. Clients feel empowered because of the emotional shifts they allow themselves to make.

“Hold On To Your Love”

With the Hold aspect of REACH, you keep forgiveness close and being forgiving even closer. It’s necessary to accept that you’re building an emotional muscle that will serve you forever.

This is not just about “letting go and letting God.” Instead, it is about embracing the beauty of life such that you are able to view it as a biopic or documentary. To see life as a work of art is an outcome of the Free Your Feelings process I lead for clients, which includes both Tapping and Aroma Freedom.

The memories, thoughts and pictures in the brain are there for a reason. All that is required for more love to expand, with forgiveness about “what happened,” is that you look at the many pieces of the past with a different lens.

Dr. VanderWeele is co-director of the Initiative on Health, Religion, and Spirituality at the Chan School of Public Health of Harvard. “Forgiveness is not erasure,” he says. “Rather, it’s about changing your reaction to those memories.” Optimum health is more accessible when you’re willing to do the work.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

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