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Focus on The Feminine

When it comes to women and healing, the feminine mystique is no longer seen as a mystery.

The best holistic health advice views women’s health as essentially womb health. It is because of women’s unique reproductive capacity that our responses to illness, disease, medication and recovery are quite different from the male profile, which until recently was always viewed as standard.

The standard for those dedicated to the Divine Feminine energy many feel is missing in the world is to focus on the womb as the literal center of women’s health.

The stereotype for womb energy is that it is (just) creative as in harmless, like a child painting a picture; soft as opposed to hard, and passive.

Nothing could be further from the truth. These stereotypes miss key aspect of the womb,  that it is extremely strong.

In its primary job as a receptacle for reproduction –creating a new life by taking from the mother’s body the nutrients needed to grow a new person– it can be aggressive as well as assertive.

It is the womb that creates a new body that is durable and committed to serving the goal. It is the womb that is achievement-oriented in terms of seeing a project through to completion.

This is true in the womb as it is in life.

One of the stereotypes of woman in years gone past, was that she managed the household when the man of the house “brought home the bacon.” This is an accurate description of what happens in the womb. The body of the female gives the “bacon” or nutrients for sustenance to the growing baby, and the baby and womb together then manage baby’s growth functions.

If there is no baby to nurture for nine months, what occurs is the unfertilized egg leaves the fallopian tubes and comes down to lodge in the uterus, where it eventually disintegrates, forming menstrual blood on a monthly basis until childbearing age has passed.

One of the major reasons for harsh pre-menstrual syndrome experiences is women stress themselves and their bodies beyond capacity and don’t take enough time to nurture the womb for its future energy work of gestation and giving birth.

So today we are seeing the rise of womb-health experts among holistic health practitioners. We are seeing products designed to enhance womb health (my new product, Cherish); we are seeing methods for cleaning the womb, such as steaming,  and we are seeing the use of crystals to strengthen the womb’s capabilities.

These crystals are yoni eggs (pictured above), and are used to increase vaginal muscle strength. Yoni means vulva in Sanskrit. It is “especially… a symbol of divine procreative energy conventionally represented by a circular stone” according to Google. Generally all of the female genitalia are included in the term.

WOMEN ARE NOT TO BE PLAYED WITH. They are exercising their yoni and there’s no telling what this trend will mean. Who are the women WHO ARE MARCHING? Womb-care enthusiasts and their sisters –this is the real message.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

Great pure and uncut essential oils for the womb include clary sage, neroli, and anything that relaxes women such as lavender, fennel, chamomile, ylang ylang, jasmine absolute, and the blend Progessence Plus™