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Fat Free For All or For Nothing?!

Fat free, low fat, and no fat foods took the grocery shelves by storm over the past 40 years, and uprooted our health in the process. According to recent fat free and related data from Dr. Mercola, medicine and big business took the wrong step in saying all calories are the same and just reduce them to solve the problem.Pic of obese man

“[The] idea that you can lose weight by counting calories simply doesn’t work.” he writes. “After fructose, other sugars and grains are likely the most excessively consumed food that promotes weight gain and chronic disease. This also includes food items that are typically viewed as healthy, such as fruit juice or even large amounts of high fructose fruits. [When] consumed in large amounts, these items will also adversely affect your insulin, which is a crucially potent fat regulator… In short, you do not get fat because you eat too many calories and don’t exercise enough. You get fat because you eat the wrong kind of calories. As long as you keep eating fructose and grains, you’re programming your body to create and store fat.”

One response to rampant obesity has been to cut out the stomach, fat layers, intenstines, colon; wherever folks’ bodies have issues metabolizing food.

Such drastic approaches were bound to lead to lawsuits and they have. The man above is unhappy because his surgery left his whole stomach shifted to the right, and no navel! He dropped about 100 pounds and gained 50 back!

What can we do? First, realize the forceful impact TV, media, the Internet, and the rest have had on our psyches. Eliminate their control over your decisions. We do not realize that in order to have lower calorie food, the amount of sugar was increased for taste, in sometimes very harmful forms.

One of the latest revelations is that we must AVOID HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. Read labels. Some manufacturers are now announcing their products do not contain HFCS.

And there’s a long list of new names for different kinds of natural and manmade sugars, so beware!

Second, stay away from fast foods. You already know that. But how? This is where adipose (fat) cell eating comes into play. Did you know that if you are obese, adipose cells are eating your food and storing energy for you, but YOU are not energized or more healthy for it?

Third, investigate and make simple changes to your food and drink habits. Add more teas, herbs and deep green fresh foods to help digestion. In addition, pure, quality herbs and essential oils* have been proven to help to encourage higher natural cell functioning of the body. These are all helpful for reducing and eliminating–lemon, grapefruit, peppermint, fennel, coriander, ginger, ocotea (an Ecuadorian tree/oil)–especially in their most concentrated form as uncut oils.

Fourth, drink more water. Warm lemon water as your morning drink–no sugar–can be cleansing. Yet cold water taken in sips throughout the day will slake your thirst while forcing your body to rely on the energy it has stored. Combined with exercise and nutrition, hydration is key to optimum body function.

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*Essential Oils cannot replace medical or psychological help. The HealMobile does not prescribe and cannot diagnose the proper caring for or cure of any disease. See your doctor or mental health professional for long-standing conditions, and do share your interest in exploring the self-care techniques suggested here with him or her.