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Connect With The HealMobile on FaceBook LIVE

Facebook Live pic jumuahAs you may know, Facebook Live is all that and a bag of non-GMO corn chips! I’ve just started doing Facebook Live video events which you can view on Monday through Thursday at 6PM.

I’m only on for 10 minutes.  You’re invited to hear what life is giving me and you as messages for your mind, body and spirit.

I’m totally inspired. Spring is my time of year (spring into summer, to be truthful).

My FB Live adventure will continue through April and we’ll decided if we want to keep going.

Last week my topics were “Above The Line Chakras & Focus, Please”(3/6),  “Moor or Less” (3/5)  and “Inner Beauty and Well-being” (3/4).

Friend me on Facebook, Niamo Nancy Muid. Don’t forget to also Like my FB (dot) com/HealMobile page. On Twitter I’m @healmobile.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid