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6 Indications You May Be Uninformed About Female Health

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Female health issues take up too much of your time? Men, don’t look away, this is something for you to think about as well.

Maybe your woman is losing wages and feeling like almost half of every month is consumed by her Friend.

Women typically depend on male doctors to give them expert advice on their bodies.  Only in the past 50-75 years have they demanding to see women doctors for their feminine issues.

Uninformed Attitudes Towards Female Health

Here are 6 ways you may be harming yourself and other women because you don’t know. Instead, you believe,

  1. the monthly has no bearing on overall health of women and their families
  2. nothing can be done about it since after all it’s the “curse” and women are doomed
  3. women are weaker physically and emotionally because of it
  4. women have compromised mental health because of it
  5. organic tampons eliminate problems from chemical-laden sanitary napkins, and
  6. a different approach towards managing menstruation is unimaginable.

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–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid