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Ancient Gift Supported by Modern Science

pic of vita-flex chart, an ancient gift

Foot Vita-Flex – Another Form of Ancient Reflexology (YLEO products indicated)

It caught my eye — a brochure about the “ancient gift” of frankincense (oil and tree) being supported by modern science. This got me to thinking….

Did you know YOU are an ancient gift, and that YOU are supported by modern science? Not only that, the ancient scientists, allies on this plane, and advocates on other planes support you and always have. In my book, God Alone, as the Source of All Sources, is your major supporter.

Hello HUMAN! This healing journey to your true self is not only religious and spiritual. In fact, if you’re anything like me (breathing and whatnot), you ignore the ancient gift that you are too much of the time.

Indeed, you probably ignore the cutting-edge, brand new gift that you are as well. Here are some facts about your intrinsic physical nature:

  • Every cell in the body possesses the genetic code “fingerprint” of the body
  • Any part of the body can be used to analyze any other part or organ
  • The internal organs have nerve endings in the feet, hands, head, teeth, tongue, etc.
  • All organs are related to each other, similar to the telephone systems of the world.

This information comes from African Holistic Health by Llaila O. Afrika

Then there is this fact that may scare you because it destroys your original and ancient gift:

The brain gets smaller and internal organs such as kidney, liver, pancreas and the heart grow larger on a diet of  refined processed (junk) food.*      (Marshall, et al)

You cannot cherish and protect your ancient gift if you eat refined flour products and other “modern” food. The major organs grow larger because the American diet, most restaurant food, and especially fast food force the organs to work much harder to perform normal functions. Meanwhile, the severely stressed brain atrophies.

Here is what you can do to preserve the sanctity of your ancient gift:

  • Acknowledge every part of you that is hurting, speaking to it by name!
  • Acknowledge how well this body part has supported you for so long, and be sincerely thankful!
  • Lightly touch, press, and massage the hurting body part with love, sending blessings of healing energy!
  • Respect every part of your physical body at all times, and never ignore pain or discomfort. The body speaks!

Visit the library or purchase, download and read books by Louise Hay, Llaila Afrika, Richard Gerber, Caroline Myss, Queen Afua, Wayne Dyer and others to understand the sacred relationship between your emotions and your physical balance.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

*Paraphrased quote is also from African Holistic Health. Also see this Atlantic Monthly article and this post on brain function. Search on “brain” for more posts and pages about the brain, oils, Reiki and energy.

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