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9 Ways You Defeat Loneliness & Align with Oneness

You CAN defeat loneliness and align with Oneness that answers the deepest questions about your life. I call this state oneness, and to want a feeling of oneness with All That Is is natural and universal for human beings.

Being inside of it, with it or within this feeling of oneness feels like an alignment of the spine with all the chakras, power centers and vortexes that ever existed.

This is especially true for commuters, elders, yoga folks and athletes who are very sensitive to the alignment of their spine. Your backbone helps you stand up (take a stand!) and when you do so, grounded and firm, it’s hard to also be a lonely-heart.

Here are nine (9) ways to confirm you have defeated that not-aligned-with- oneness (all alone) feeling. These rather small indications actually attest to your synchronicity with and connection to a universal, spiritual oneness.

Forgetting and Remembering Overcomes Loneliness

1) You remember to eat something healthy. If you ever felt that you got stopped from eating the whole container of ice cream, with a resolve that came out of nowhere– you were not alone but acting in accordance with your higher good.

2) You call or reach out to someone FINALLY– since you kept forgetting  before. Suddenly there’s no barrier to connecting. Goodness, who knows where my head was at before! I meant to call you ages ago!

3) You find money or something precious while looking for something else. Surely you’ve had this happen — you find an unpaid bill and thank God there’s no fee and you can pay it on time.

But what about when you find a given-up-for-lost piece of jewelry, essential oil, or favorite crystal. This is one of the best feelings and you feel like the Source of all sources just loves you. 

Nothing New Under the Sun

4) You know better than to believe in accidents or coincidences. From feeling lonely to alone to just being human, you get that everything happens for a good reason. People fade from and fall into your life and it is what it is.  You innerstand why patience is a virtue.

5) You suddenly practice a new habit that was hard to adopt before. It may just roll out of your self. One of my new habits is eating something green at night, like a couple of chomps of celery or cucumber. This alkalizes my system and is definitely better than scoops of Haagen-Dazs at night.

I had been reading about this habit for years and finally started doing it. I go to sleep fast and wake up much more rested, with a fresher mouth I might add, as additional bonuses.

6) You let go of an old habit that was hard to release before. This is how it may occur for you. Maybe smoking or drinking or drugs meet your “cold turkey” and you’re glad for it, but it certainly feels like the strength to do it came out of nowhere. This is accurate and could be stated as “not-here,” which indicates allies in other places.

You Can’t Hide From Yourself, Everywhere You Go, There You Are

7) Reluctance, unwillingness or “I can’t” are now foreign concepts. You feel as if a boulder of shadowy negativity has been lifted from your shoulders. That is, when you think about it. 

8) There’s someone new in your mirror—you’d like to know this person better. Teddy Pendergrass’s song can be your new anthem or at least an addition to your exercise playlist. Click the link on his picture to hear it. “Look in the mirror, there you are.”

9) Your new best friend is your First Mind. As in, “I should have followed my …” 

With holiday stress, the season of giving, end of the year energy, and the onslaught of Black Fridays and Green Choices, you may be feeling a certain way. If you are alone, you don’t have to choose loneliness. In fact, you already have special the tools to gracefully wind down this year and I am happy to be your witness.

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–Rev. Niamo Nancy