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6 Reasons To Choose The HealMobile

Photo courtesy http://xlterrestrials.org/plog

Photo courtesy http://xlterrestrials.org/plog

  • I am humble
  • I serve The Divine
  • I am an Africamerican Turtle Islander
  • I am a world traveler
  • I make referrals happily
  • You will benefit in unexpected ways


What makes The HealMobile’s energy and essential oils services different from others?  I humbly await your witnessing and scrutiny of the following:

  • energetic resource — I am blessed to be skilled in effecting life-enhancing changes in others
  • intuition — I am grateful for the ability to see, hear, know what is holistically best for you in the moment
  • spiritual literacy — I give thanks to be able to read symbolic languages and revelations, and heed the omniscient guidance within them


Because I obey the ineffable Oneness many call God, I serve you human beings with love and mercy and without judgment. I am not originally from here, and I believe you are not, either. However, I am solid as the rock beneath our feet!

Services are under the Services tab above and include Aroma Freedom Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Reiki, Reiki instruction, Chakra-Aura Cleansing, and Foot Detox.


I am not all things to all people, but since my roots and clan include peoples of color and a Spaniard and a Scot (so far), I am you in that you are not unfamiliar to me. I am the space that allows paranoia to dissolve and the sense of unity to expand.


It should be no surprise that The HealMobile has traversed the earth, even before this venture was named. From an eye-opening voyage called Semester-at-Sea, to my travels with family and the International Black Summit, I’ve sharpened my vision of the world’s peoples with loving eyes. (I haven’t hit Australia and the Poles. The latter is too cold right now, and the former is on the list.)

Free Assessments & Referrals

The HealMobile Team includes people who are as dedicated and committed as I am to your transformational healing. I will not attempt to serve you when it is clear you need a different approach or another kind of service. The disclaimer states:

The HealMobile loves nature’s living energy and is dedicated to improving lives using the earth’s best energetic techniques, such as meridian tapping, spiritual healing energy, and uncut essential oils for emotional freedom. However, our services and information are not substitutes for medical or psychological diagnosis or prescription, nor do we recommend treatment, caring for or cure of any disease. See a doctor or mental health professional for long-standing conditions, and share with him or her your interest in exploring the self-care techniques mentioned on this website. 

Unpredictable Benefits

The philosophy of the HealMobile can be summed up this way.

Every service rendered is an extension of the chi, ki, prana, and ashé of our ancestors, bestowed by the Creator to prosper our lives.

Do you have direct access to that empowering, elemental aspect of yourself that lets you experience your life as “along for the ride” in the positive sense? Maybe you are chauffeured through life already, with everything taken care of and falling into place just in time and in ways you never could have imagined. Congratulations! 

If you are not “riding high,” up ahead is the state of acceptance and surrender to what life has in store for you. No matter which HealMobile service you select, you will find unpredictable benefits increasing your well-being and prosperity.

Outcomes may not seem connected to encountering The HealMobile. However, I see vast improvement in every single person I’ve worked with –some just once, some over time. I may not get credit for my contribution, but this is not expected anyway. 

My role is to illuminate your path and relieve suffering, when and after we take the time. I only ask that you trust in our Maker that The HealMobile can be of support. Initial conversations are no-cost.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid