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5 Reasons To Tap Emotions To Fight PTSD

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Why not tap emotions? I get lots of email from marketers talking about roadmaps* for your journey to success. The HealMobile idea is FIRST decide on your emotional success direction. A journey requires personal preparation that precedes using a map.

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and similar syndromes and disorders involve the heavy emotional burdens and residue from traumatic events.** The journey to success in this case means dealing with your emotional baggage — what to bring with you and what to drop ASAP.

You’ll have to unload the baggage and hordes of stuffed issues, and pack only necessities. One of the quickest ways is tapping, that perfect blend of East and West.

Also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), meridian tapping and even subcutaneous acupressure, tapping combines the best of acupressure and psychology.

Here are five reasons to tap on emotions to fight post-traumatic anything.  EFT is used by many programs for PTSD and post-traumatic stress syndrome, which are commonly ascribed to veterans of foreign wars. (Here, veterans react to these programs.)

Post-traumatic stress is also generational. Books describe how it afflicts descendants of the Holocaust and U.S. slavery. The science is scary because the traumatic stress lives on in the DNA. However, this doesn’t mean the stress must last forever.

5 Reasons to Tap Emotions NOW

  1. EFT forces you out of your comfort zone. Anti-depressants haven’t worked and you’ve got other health problems because of them. There’s a reason for a dojo on every corner. Your children taking martial arts are learning about meridians and acupuncture, breathing and energy. Keep up.
  2. Tapping is too easy to ignore. Often the simplest things are hardest to do, yet have the most benefit. Your efforts to tap emotions will help despite belief. This site discusses “secret tapping places you can use in public.”
  3. The side effects are great. You can tap on one thing that’s bothering you, and end up with less knee or shoulder pain. You can tap on a pain, then find you feel clearer about the circumstances associated with that pain.
  4. Tapping releases conversations with yourself.  The words you’ll use to describe your issue may surprise you. With practice, deep-seated feelings will be given a voice and the memories evoked will surface and be diffused. By sticking with the process, you will be able to clear the memories over time.
  5. You can learn it quickly. Tapping is taught online and in medical and holistic health settings almost everywhere. I can teach you, but I will teach it as your SELF-HELP technique. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Read some tapping testimonials here.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

*The roadmap is drawn up once you decide where you want to go. This is code for how we can tap emotions for healthier journeying as we collaborate to achieve your aim.


In a U.S. Defense of Department Committee to examine Energy Psychology, Dr. David Feinstein, clinical psychologist and author, stated,

“The reason that people are unable to will themselves out of PTS [post-traumatic stress] is because it changes the brain.  The parts of the brain that are designed to deal with danger are overwhelmed, and the brain wiring is damaged….  

“A new class of therapies that combine the best of the psychological treatments … with the physical interventions that shift the brain’s electricity, is proving to be highly effective.  

“One of these is called Energy Psychology, with EFT being the most popular format. In  EFT acupuncture points are stimulated by tapping upon them.  No needles or other equipment is required.  The procedure turns off the threat response, and brings the wiring in the brain to the condition it was in prior to the trauma.  

“Part of the resistance to the acceptance of EFT is that the reported results seem too good to believe.  Crackpot or genius?  90 evidence based studies, now support earlier field reports that the method is exceptionally rapid, potent, cost effective and the effects are lasting. In my 30 plus years as a clinical psychologist, this is the most effective and the most powerful innovation that I have seen for treating PTSD.”

Claim Note:

The HealMobile is dedicated to dramatically improving your life. However, services and information on this website are not substitutes for medical or psychological diagnosis or prescription. We do not recommend treatment, caring for, or cure of any disease. See a doctor or mental health professional for long-standing conditions. Share your interest in the self-care techniques mentioned here, note the response, and begin a conversation from a complementary holistic perspective if you feel so inclined.