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4 Words for Affirming Self-Growth

pic of russell simmons

Russell Simmons doing yoga.


I am present to my life as it is. I am present to what my senses inform me. I am present to what I see as it is. I am present to what I hear as it is. I am present to what I smell, touch and taste in the first instance that I encounter a thing. I am present to what people are saying to me, and to how my listening to them is what I hear, and may not be what they are saying. I am present to what I see going on in my world, and to ways of seeing that are from the past, or in the future. I am present to unseen influences that co-create how my life unfolds, with my permission.

I am powerful as a growing soul on the planet earth. I am powerful as a spiritual being having a human experience. I am powerful in ways that cannot be put into words lest I lose the strength these ways represent. I am powerful when I pray to that which is the Source of Power.

I am disciplined in my work and in my play. I am disciplined in cultivating lifelong habits that serve me: oral care, movement, eating well, skincare and beauty, meditation and having fun. I am disciplined in curtailing habits that prevent the best habits.  I am disciplined in withdrawing gracefully from interacting with people, places, things or ways of being that are not for me. I am disciplined in accepting and applying the knowledge and wisdom of my life’s experiences.

I am peaceful in the moment I recognize and appreciate my discipline, power, and presence. I am peaceful since these four (4) tools affirm my path of self-growth. I am peaceful in containing the fullness of the word “peace,” and as a participant in the transformation of my family, community and world.

I am present, powerful, disciplined and peaceful, no matter what. 

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid