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11 Oily Products for women

This training video on YouTube (if not visible above) provides details on the best hormone balancing essential oils and oil-infused products on the market. Descriptions are read from the Essential Oils Desk Reference (6th Ed.)

Clary sage and neroli are the #1 products for women. Fennel is a close 2nd. Although it didn’t make our original list of 11 products it should be included, since most of the blends and creams have fennel in them, as we found out.  Oils enthusiasts, enjoy!

  1. Clary sage
  2. Neroli
  3. Cortistop™
  4. Dragon Time™ blend
  5. Estro™ tincture
  6. FemiGen™
  7. Lady Sclerol™ blend
  8. PD 80/20™
  9. Prenolone™ Body Cream
  10. Progessence Plus™
  11. Sclaressence™ (oil-parfum)

All of these help to create a calm and relaxing environment within (a woman’s body), without, with others. They are highly regarded and give their unique for uplifting aroma, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

I personally prize PD 80/20 and Progessence Plus, and it is high time I tried Sclaressence, now that this review has me more educated!

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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