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10+ Body Signs Scream for a U-Haul! Part 1

Knees give out. Back suddenly stiffens. Shooting pains. Ears ringing.  How do you Baby Boomers and Thought Leaders know when you need a U-Haul to take away what’s not working for maintaining your above-the-line health?

If you’re active and responsive to life’s fastballs, and not a couch potato, you know when you are overwhelmed. For many of us, government statistics reflect family realities.
The circulation, respiratory and nervous systems are loudspeakers proclaiming the state of our health. These three are interrelated and give very obvious signs when you need to get a check-up and/or seek medical help.

In review of high school biology:
CIRCULATION  |  This covers four areas: the heart, blood vessels, blood and lungs.
RESPIRATORY  |  Broadly speaking, this covers breathing and the mouth, nose, throat, trachea/windpipe and bronchi, which delivers air into the lungs. You can’t respirate without circulation, thus these two are closely connected.
NERVOUS  |  This system controls the senses, balance, coordination, blood flow and pressure, rationality and consciousness, and is divided into the brain and the spinal cord. Circulation and respiration are also intricately bound up with it. Tomorrow’s post will address the nervous system.

Let’s say you have starting eating better and feeling better.   IF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PERSIST, SEE A DOCTOR PRONTO (and not at the hospital if possible):

1. Numbness in Arms or Legs — The blood isn’t circulating!

2. Brain Fog — The blood isn’t circulating AND shallow breathing may be the culprit!

3. Unexplained Digestive Problems — Changes in appetite and/or regularity are a heads up!

4. Frequent Exhaustion — The blood isn’t circulating AND you may be constipated!

5. Can’t Fight Off a Cold — Poor circulation often indicates a compromised immune system!

6. Tightening of the Chest — Simple angina may be a sign of something deeper!

7. Cold Hands and Feet — If this is not the norm,* check it out!

8. Vertigo — All three systems may be “off” if the room is spinning!

9. Dark Circles Under the Eyes — Your liver may be working overtime!

10. Brittle Hair and Nails — This can be an early warning sign that you must change!

11. Sudden Foot or Hand Swelling, Ulcers, Varicose Veins

12. Post-Nasal Drip or Sinus Issues That Persist

13. Difficulty Sleeping Without Sitting Up (possible apnea)


List adapted from Natural Living Idea’s Warning Signs You’ve Got Poor Circulation
Tomorrow: NERVES

* I have sickle cell trait, and sometimes experience cold hands and feet as a matter of course.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid