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Your 7 Womb Ways, And Why They Matter

pic of crowd smiling womb men and men

There are seven (7) womb ways or womanly ways that men also exhibit, which are keys to your grasp of the Divine Feminine and your contribution to the world.

Features of the womb are:

  1. absorption
  2. creativity
  3. manufacturing
  4. productivity
  5. cultivation
  6. multiplication
  7. giving birth


1) Absorption takes in nutrients and enzymes from food, which allows the body to emphasize digestion. Anyone (M/F) who eats food depends on absorption to nourish the body’s many systems. Absorption is first thing a womb does to begin growing its fruit.

2)  Creativity begins in the stomach or 3rd energy vortex, then moves down into the sacral intestinal area or 2nd energy vortex.For a pregnant mother whose diet is poor, this function creates a miracle child with whatever it can find. Sensitivity, responsibility and industry are keywords for digestion of absorbed food and ideas.

3) Manufacturing is the higher level of creativity and executes womb activity. People manufacture when they “invent, fabricate, concoct, hatch, dream up, think up, devise, formulate, frame, contrive.” Men and wombmen must appreciate that industrial and manufacturing plants are based on the womb model. 

4) Productivity concerns the regular, periodic outcome. We all can produce or reproduce something physical. For wombmen, it is the menses, or it may be a fertilized egg lodging in the womb to initiate pregnancy. For men, it is the hunt, or seeking after the best womb to fertilize. Both experience peristalsis —  the system that moves the bowels.

The Egg / Sperm Have Met in the Wombman / Man System

5) Cultivation appears after production is operating efficiently. In wombmen, this looks like preparation and nurturing of children and family. In men, it looks like husbandry — care of child bearers, animals, and farm; land management; conservation, and protection and security concerns. Yet, both wombmen and men cultivate to accommodate each other.

6) Multiplication is the aftermath of cultivation that duplicates what works. Both wombmen and men want to repeat a good thing, the essence of which is easily absorbed, creative, manufactured, productive and cultivated. Pregnancy is the sojourn of multiplying molecules.

7) Giving Birth is the process we usually associate with the womb. It is typically arduous, but the return, a baby, is startling, exquisite and miraculous. The wombman does hard labor during childbirth, and the man does hard labor to create the more harmonious world. They are not mutually exclusive!

In fact, man has been remiss in his duties. He must now work as hard as the wombman who gives birth. His work is to embrace his own wombman self, his Divine Feminine aspect, and birth solutions that reflect the seven features described.

In honoring the Divine Feminine — hers and his own, man will one day “give birth” to Eric Tolle’s New Earth (or child-space of God). It will NOT happen without the wombman.

Don’t you love that nature explains how things work!?

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

©2018 Niamo Nancy Muid