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What to Expect from Energy Healing

If you are familiar with the ever-changing world of wellness, you may have noticed that energy healing is steadily growing in popularity. Millana Snow, an energy healer and founder of Wellness Official, is excited for this to happen.

Energy healing has its roots in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine and comes in many forms, including Reiki, acupuncture, and crystal healing; You can expect different experiences from different teachers, Snow said. Essentially, it’s the act of channeling and changing the energy that flows through your body in order to heal it.

Snow has developed her own practice which she calls Integrative Energy Healing. “I compare it to the opposite of acupuncture,” she told POPSUGAR; working from within (your emotional, mental and spiritual states) to affect your physical body. “There are so many different healers who have their own approach, their own unique way of seeing the world,” explained Snow. “I wanted to bring these approaches into this work.”

What to Expect from Energy Healing

So what about when you try energy healing for the first time? With Snow it starts with meditation and breathing work, in which you consciously change your breathing pattern in order to change your mental and physical state. From there, “I start working on your chakra system, the seven main chakras,” explained Snow. This helps release your energy channels and bring you back to “your natural wellbeing,” she said.

The goal of this practice is to “go deeper into the unconscious,” explained Snow. “Look at how your mental stories and ideas are trapped in this energy, in this emotion, in this physical suffering.”

Can you do energy healing remotely?

Now, if you are thinking about trying energy healing, we have good news: you don’t have to be there in person to do this. Snow has been conducting energy healing sessions online through Wellness Official for the past two years and says you can still get the benefits without leaving your home. She has even hosted sessions on Instagram Live.

“You put on your headphones, lie down and I’ll guide you into a meditation that will help you go deeper into your subconscious,” Snow said. She then guides the client to the breath work before starting sending energy healing. “It assumes that space and time are illusions,” she explained. “Energy doesn’t need the containers of physical space. It goes where it needs to go.” During remote energy healing, Snow’s clients have said that it actually feels like they’re in the room with them, like they can feel the touch of their hands. “That sounds a little scary,” laughed Snow. “I promise you it’s not scary. It’s all positive, loving energy. “

What can you get out of energy healing?

In Snow’s experience, most people don’t try until they are going through a difficult or challenging period, be it in work, health, or relationships. “You kind of hit a wall,” she said.

But energy healing can actually benefit everyone, no matter where you are in life. “What I hope for most people is that it doesn’t have to be really difficult before they come to me,” explained Snow. When energy healing – or even aspects of it, such as breath work or meditation – is part of your normal routine, you will be more in tune with your body and mind. When something goes wrong in life, you are so connected to yourself that you notice it earlier and have the strength to change something. “That’s what I ultimately want all of my customers to do,” said Snow. “That you can get into this practice and have this strength and clarity on your own.”