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Trinidad & Tobago is where I go to replenish my mind-body-spirit. My family is from there, and my great grandfather left his descendants little patches of Paradise that we hope to one day develop.

To return permanently to Tobago in particular, and to build a sanctuary for soul restoration in this heavenly place, would be the fulfillment of a generations-long, family relations-wide dream.


Bougainvillea at the home next to the beach where we stayed.

This is why we keep returning from the states to visit. It is one way of putting down roots that we like to think have never been uprooted.

One reason I love doing REIKI, EFT (Tapping) and essential oils instruction is because these healing arts remind me Tobago. My purpose is to have people think of the islands, the waters, the rainforest when they are involved in self-care. If people can feel as if they are in the islands, I have done my work.


Beach house owned by Lennox Hinds, Esq., where we stayed.