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Thoughts as Spiritual Energies

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Reflections on Thoughts As Spiritual Energies You Need To Keep Calmed Down:

With the tumult of the previous season in the past, I find myself aware of moving out of my head and into the energy of One-With-My-Heart as much as possible.

Aware God-consciousness has a healing effect on every area of my life, despite upsetting circumstances. As I center in my heart I can accept what life offers, and No, it is not easy.

We are spirit-mind-body-collective consciousness and earth-occupiers shaped by the environment. My mind is fond of tracking all of this. It keeps each aspect of every layer in harmony with other aspects through the thoughts I retain, categorize and shelve.

The filing mentality can be stressful and sap energy, because new information bombards the brain and needs placement. Who has time? I notice I fill up on junk, “monkey mind” chatter, and indecision, which get in the way of clarity and certainty.

Working with Thoughts

Working with the mind to remove excess thoughts and allow tranquility or growth means handling those occupying thoughts efficiently. Handling unwelcome ideas, notions and reflections turns them into energy for expanding awareness of what the heart really wants.

For many there is always oneness of heart and mind. For me there is often 360 degrees or ways to look at every situation.

So I am learning to say: No, Thought, I don’t want you, or Yes, Thought, you are welcome to stay in my world.  I’m grateful and feel more energized and open to What’s Next, because of you.

“Handling” links to Reiki, in which hands disseminate and convey energies to the client. The intention behind the Reiki experience is ~

Light and Love

Relief and Recovery

Energy Wellness

Thoughts are literally handled by neurotransmitters of the brain (pathways for hormones and other chemical constituents). These sinewy fibers convey messages and ideas can chemically transform the brain and you. They can surrender to a clear direction to relax and gather into a unified whole.

More to the science, the frontal lobe in the following quote refers to the realm of conscious mental thought–

When we think and have to make choices outside of our memory (the ‘box’ of what we know), the frontal lobe is in its heightened state.  Researchers have conducted experiments showing that the frontal lobe is most active during a freewill kind of decision-making. The choices these subjects made do not involve clear right or wrong answers, but rather, ambiguous situations in which the choice is made based on what the subjects would enjoy most.

–Joe Dispenza, in Evolve Your Brain, p. 374

Our uncluttered brain makes decisions using freewill, intentional thoughts and decisions. These help us gain the force of will to live as we would enjoy most!

When I choose high thoughts, expand my mind, and make room for possibility, I feel closer to the divine. I feel more “in my element.” My heart loves alignment with wholehearted Oneness and my life seems to instantly correct itself.

The glory is God’s and I feel At One With My Heart of Hearts.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid