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The Healthy Praise Technique

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Deborah Singletary with one of her word wands. Visit her at http://VisionCarriers.com for comforting praise words, services and special art classes. 

I want to share something I’m generating from my unlimited beliefs: Prayer is absolutely essential to encouraging and protecting life, and this includes good health.

It increases the benefits of any health modality one might choose, be it chemotherapy to obliterate cancer or detox sessions to address digestive overload.

Prayer is a form of praise that gives a level of sincerity to the wish for success. While prayer is usually stated before something occurs or one takes action, praise is typically given irrespective of action. Of course they overlap.

Generally, prayer contains hope, while praise contains certainty.

There seems to be more than enough people praying for the good, but not nearly enough people praising what is good.

Give thanks, is a form of giving praise.

The more you thank Me, the more I give you, says ancient scripture. (Q 14:7)

The most universal prayer we know is, Thank You. This is the motto of the group that granted the HealMobile Ministry its health directive.

Healthy praise reassures the heart of success and reassures the mind of practicality.

The power behind giving healthy praise is easily seen in the teacher who expects student success and gets it,(1) even when administrators are unsure “these children” can learn.

The certainty of praise possesses layers of assurance, confidence and trust in an unknowable future. The words used uplift the listener and the speaker, raising expectation and anticipation.

Praise words literally increase the constitutional fortitude of both listener and speaker.(2)

This is why children succeed when teachers know they will. And why sincere oratory –whether harmful to others or not– will effectively motivate people to act, as the recent U.S. election has demonstrated.

How do you use healthy praise? Think of it as a wand of words.

When your body is giving you hell, praise the fact that you’re still breathing. Don’t pray to be better, praise that you are better, and “count the ways.”

Use praise words as a wand and wave them over your condition.

You are now the teacher who expects success from capable students. The students are your organs that are still operational; blood, lymph and other fluids still flowing properly; nervous system or capillaries still able to function despite the assault on another part of the body.

Holistic health means using what is working well to support healing in other areas.

Ignore the apparent lack of success in your body; symptoms may make you think the body cannot heal itself to wellness. Give healthy praise as the body’s teacher. If verbal praise is not your habit, cultivate the mindset –that’s what really counts.

You can be healthy, and you are always healing. If you are alive, this is certain.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

(1) Corroborating this assertion is a free PDF, “Effect of Praise on Children’s Intrinsic Motivation,” American Psychological Association (2002) http://www.reed.edu/motivation/docs/PraiseReview.pdf

(2) The studies are legion. Visit the Harvard University Medical School and look around. Also see this article about giving thanks. From: http://www.health.harvard.edu/healthbeat/giving-thanks-can-make-you-happier

Also see how affirmations, which are assertive praise words, can be combined with power poses to increase confidence and good health as described in this article about the Wonder Woman pose. Body languaging is an important feature of Aroma Freedom Technique, a service we offer for those who want our help to move themselves through large blocks and obstacles.