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Sexual Roots: Marvin Gaye was Right

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Mother the Beauty Queen in the 1950s. What was she ready for???

Many would say Freud is the one who should be credited for making sexual sensitivity the focus of mind-body healing. Whatever it was, Marvin told us sexual healing healed it.

Yet, despite the good feeling, we know it’s fleeting. And after the good times, people have issues concerning their privates that they refuse to deal with or talk about, even to themselves.

It IS better to keep what’s going on with you, down there, to yourself. That is, until you are required to see a doctor to check yourself out. Because IT has spread or gotten worse!

Our overall, holistic healing is integrated with the proper –that is, harmonious– positioning of sexuality in our lives.

You need to maintain good below-the-belt health to maintain the best body-mind-spirit above the line health. Perhaps you’ve read articles like this one and this one that extol brain and emotional harmony to sustain your sexual health.

The mind-body connection is certainly part of the healing for women and for men. I suggest a sexual system upgrade rather than performance upgrade. Aphrodisiacs such as oysters or the maca powder from Peru will help you only so much.


The mechanics of sexuality or sexual roots is not required here, since so much information is available. What I mean by the sexual root system is the total embrace of our sexual parents and all that means.

Complete acceptance, with love, of our sexual heritage is not something we consciously do. If we did, there might be much more clarity about who we are as high-performing, healthy human beings on all levels.

Here are questions to start with:

  • What was my mother thinking when she was loving my father?
  • What was my father thinking when he was loving my mother?
  • What kind of relationship did they have previous to their coupling?
  • Did my grandparents play a role or have a point of view I should know about?
  • What happened to my mother while she was carrying me?
  • What happened to my father that affected my mother while carrying me?
  • Did my father play an active role during the time I was being formed in the womb?
  • What was the relationship between my parents after I was conceived?

The divine spark-turned-matter possesses love energy that cannot be denied.

You will note the word “loving” instead of making love or having sex. This is because the union of sperm and egg is a burst of loving action that comes from Spirit.


Once you are able to ponder and answer the questions, you will be faced with a demand. Your life will demand your understanding.  

(In this moment other questions come to mind — What music were they listening to? Who was talking to me or reading to me while in the womb? Who can I get answers from if my parents are unavailable?)

I hope you appreciate why this approach may provide a truer cut to who you really are. It is deeper than wife, girlfriend, pregnant; husband, boyfriend, father; laborer, veteran, service or light worker, flat-stomach gym rat, yogini, martial artist or corporate executive. Or, whatever you call yourself.

There are many dimensions to the sexual healing system, and I’ve only opened the lid a bit. We’ll discuss additional topics, including the the energy portals (chakras) governing this system, in future posts.

In the meantime, if you have questions or are interested in exploring any of the above, let me know.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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