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Sexual Energy and REIKI

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I have met people concerned about sexual energy stimulated though Reiki. This can occur with certain forms of massage, but is always dependent on the energy of the massage therapist. With Reiki the situation is no different, although the light touch or no-touch aspect makes mixed messages less of an issue.

Reiki does not only stimulate or calm bodies, it produces them. Let me explain. Universal life-force energy (reiki) is a creative energy that brings something into being. In the therapeutic setting, we facilitate “healing.”

The Good Books tell us there is a “lowly liquid” produced in the body that is capable of bringing forth a new being. Bodies produce bodies, and you can produce another body whether or not you are fertile. The type of body you produce may be “manmade.” It could be a physical creation you can use, touch, feel, look at, and enjoy. (Production of the new body or creation is the effort we call “work.”)

Reiki is from the highest energy, the Source of All Sources. It travels to you through your senses and usually produces “sensation.” It draws from the reproductive or creation organs and the other physical, mental and spiritual aspects of you.

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When a course of Reiki sessions is successful, the energy of these organic aspects of the physical being move out of desire, overuse and abuse. Their functions elevate to another level of reality, because the  sexual energies have been transmuted. They are now in a form that allows you to manifest anything in your life you want.

You can also manifest a deep desire you haven’t told a soul or yourself about. This is why we must do self-Reiki, to listen for messages coming up through the process.

Many say spiritual healing energy (reiki) is a female energy, meaning it is yin. The qualities of yin are absorbing, taking into the self, nourishing and using for good. Women energy workers  naturally transmute their reproductive energy when giving Reiki. About men in a moment.

Raising Sensitivity to Personal Energy

In yoga, there is a specialized practice called “raising the kundalini.” This serpent of energy begins deep in the 1st chakras of men and women, where raw emotions are said to reside. This is another way to look at where Reiki comes from and how it is generated within a person.

The emotions of a female Reiki therapist are focussed to generate the “space of healing” for the client. For men this occurs too, although the transference of willpower to presence healing energy also occurs as part of the male, yang principle.

The transfer of human sexual energy into Reiki healing energy is a healthy byproduct of healthy individuals.

They feel called to do this work or enjoy it to help themselves and family members. For those who are unaware of the complex impact of their sexual energy, the effect is different.

The Reservoir of Sacred Energy

Let’s say the raw emotions of a man displays in an unhealthy way, and his sexual energy becomes abusive. In spiritual reality, the sacred aspect of the unifying, sexual principle is thereafter thwarted, denied, pounced on, rejected, and played with to the detriment of all who encounter him. Yes, he may have been abused himself. The connection to the Source was toyed with and is now literally cut off, such that not much guidance of his sexual energy is available.

If a woman has a sexual exchange with a man unaware of his sacred sexual energy, her serpentine energy will be choked or stifled. Her reservoir of sacred energy that would normally transmute to a higher energy, through the sensation of joy (or climax), cannot transmute. Instead, the woman holds this energy.

Any seasoned adult can recall an unsatisfying sexual exchange (not even abusive) to understand this holding of energy. The lover doesn’t experience a sharing of love. S/he experiences dis-ease or lack of ease in communing. Feelings are misunderstood, stuck, frozen, guilty. They are unable to  be transmuted. Forget about acceptance, not to mention comfort or joy.

The answer is to be creative. Decide to produce something to change the way the body-mind-spirit has downloaded the energy and the experience.

The Tandien of Reiki

Let’s shift towards resolution. Cooking food is the mundane way that women regularly produce meals, which reorganizes and reuses the absorbed, unhealthy male energy. For men, the same is true. Cooking and preparing meals is an accessible way to transmute unhealthy sexual energy.

The energy we use to prepare food and cook is spiritual and universal. It is Reiki that focuses on the central, sacral or second chakra, the tandien (Japanese concept). This sacral chakra deals with the assimilative and digestive functions of the body as well as the reproductive organs. The word sacral contains the same root as sacred, and therein lies its meaning.

You will find some teachers say the sex organs are governed by the 1st or root chakra. Others insist they are under the domain of the sacral or central (tandien) chakra. Both are correct.

The first vortex or chakra stresses protection, while the second stresses mastery and manifestation. Elimination happens in both, as does creativity (doing work) to feel secure.

Back to healing the emotional pain of an unhealthy relationship that gives you the gut feeling something is wrong. Reiki is a way to release pain and create a healing feeling that over time may transcend the pain. Yours truly is living proof, praise be to God.

Bottom Line

♦ It is imperative that people understand how to use sexual energy. Anyone we call genius has transmuted it, taking it from the lowest chakra to the highest. Examples are Einstein, Tesla, Tubman, Truth, Shakur, Morrison, Mandela and Oyibo.

♦ Engagement with the soul is higher than engagement with the body. It behooves each of us to recognize how critical Source energy is to manifesting the best in our lives.

♦ We must clear, clean and cleanse ourselves of rage-ful energy. With a tool like Reiki, the creation of the lives we want can happen.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid


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