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Sensual Healing Needed

Tip of the iceberg, and depth of it.

I am exploring the essence of relationships and it boils down to sensual healing versus the sexual healing and gender role conversations. People seem to need an intimate relationship with themselves.

They can have it through God/their God concept and they can use their senses to draw or magnetize their intimate sense of self.

Neo-soul singers like Erykah Badu and India.Arie express sensual healing through their music. I’m sure others do, too. We need more of this. More loving of who we are and how we be in love, along with how we came here (through whom) and just how we are.

So what do you know? Is sexy-sounding music really about sex or about something else? As a grandma, I’d say it’s about a harmony that escapes most of my sheeple; maybe “all my relatives.”

What I’m seeing these days is complaints about the external effects on one’s life. We have been in lockdown for a year, but many people still do not use this as a time for reflection and self-alignment. Looking in the mirror and taking a selfie does not quite touch it.

YouTube: How one young woman found her sensual self. https://youtu.be/0svGzq3tL0U

Is True Intimacy Even Possible?

If you know your lack of a true relationship is a lack of true relationship with yourself, read on.

I am meeting people who need help being in soft touch with themselves. I’m saying “soft” because media messages – from Hollywood movies to Instagram to retail signs, hit us “hard.” We are supposed to buy, buy, buy for the purpose of “standing out” and being “liked” and “accepted.”

If you are in your 20s or 30s (older or younger), you may be spending far too much time assessing yourself by externalities. The Internet and the bombardment of images is telling you how to live and look. However, you may be forgetting how to BE yourself.

Are you in touch with your sensual health? Is there a longing for true intimacy with another?

If you answer “I don’t know” to the first question, and “Yes!” to the next, you probably could use some sensual healing. This can look many ways, but we’ll keep it kosher/halal here.

Your “Into-Me-See” May Be Lying

Natural bloom and see even more….

As I talk with people from various walks of life, I get more insight into what “into-me-see” really means. I learn and appreciate that it’s not only telling myself the truth.

It is also hugging myself, touching myself, caring for myself and treating myself like a beautiful, ever blossoming houseplant. Seeing deeply into me, without fear or loathing.

There is this insistent obstacle and blockage, however, that gets in the way. Some call it Life! It rises like a shifting iceberg and shows its giant, frozen and jarring nature. You can call it negativity, shaytan, deviltry, dark forces, whatever you want.

The hump, bump, hurdle or block is nothing but a lie. For me, no matter how imposing it seems, I am not stopped. Nothing can overtake my purpose to stay on a path I have been given by God!

Doing HealMobile work, I am honored to interact with folks about their virginity, promiscuity, dogma, rigidity, can’t-won’t and frozen thought patterns. They dig in their heels – as the saying goes – seeking a solid footing, but they really are stuck in some mud.

They cannot move forward, because their world feels like a prison from which they cannot escape.

The Most High gives me tips to energetically unconceal the red-light-stop illusion. I also receive words that serve to awaken the reflective (courageously sensitive) sense. This does not always happen quickly and we give thanks when it does. However it does….

(Read this post about how ylang ylang oil helps with articulating heart-truth to one’s soul.)

The Sensual Is In The Rhythm

I must say here that the customer is always right, and energy work serves to show just how right they are. Knowing their life, in the exact moment we meet, is tantamount to them making beautiful love to their own souls.

People sometimes cry if they are willing and allow it. I tend to think emotional ice melts because a sensual sense has been awakened.

We have at least seven (7) senses and none of them speak directly about loving-up ourselves in healthy ways. Divine Connection, Intuition, Sight, Hearing, Scent, Taste, Touch. Where is the one that deals with the 1st chakra or energy vortex where eggs get fertilized by sperm?

The closest we’ve to it in our Reiki Course is the energy wave known as rhythm. Stay with me here….

Being in sync with your soular rhythm means you can virtually (pun intended) dance around the icebergs and roadblocks. If you don’t get beyond what is in the way, you are being kept from your greatest good, contribution, milestone, achievement, etc.

What to do about it? First, KNOW IT IS RIGHT. It’s supposed to be there. It is not the rock or hard place, or between the two. It is a Perfect Pause. Just in time. On time with time.

SOLUTION – Slow Your Role

Second, time is now on your side. If you can identify a pattern occurring over time, all the better. You may feel compelled to fast or become vegan or commit to some self-regulation that seems in order. WAIT. No harm in reacting slowly and gently. Stroking may be needed. Relaxation is key.

Do you really have to change right now? Maybe not. The awareness that brings you closer to your heart, to your body’s needs, to the inaccuracy in your thinking – whatever – may need massaging. Take the time.

Peace is with you, so offer it to your highest and lowest self.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy