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Reiki, Stress and Pain

I gave myself Reiki –universal life force energy– this morning before arising, and the session took a good hour.

Several times I traced my hands across my body, thinking I could complete the session and get my day going outside of the bedroom, but noticed a few more knots and pressure areas that needed attention.

“Reiki massage” is the name the founder of American Reiki, Rev. Hayawo Takata, gave to the practice, and this very accurate name really hit home for me this morning.

I noticed that sometimes I needed to hold my shoulders or under my shoulder firmly –moving my left arm around back to address the right shoulder blade– with the intention to press the energy in. This massage aspect is a wonderful part of Reiki because it can be hands-on or hands-off.

Contortion to Address Stress and Pain!

Reaching hard to get areas became simpler because I moved my hands away from my body and instead directed my fingers and my palms to “spot-treat” where my body seemed to call for help.

Release stress and pain with Reiki-pic of woman

How I feel after Reiki. All these photos are from Light on Reiki and Neo-African Mysticism

For example, a pulsing in my forefinger began, and rather than grab and hold it, I simply waved my other hand over it gently, back and forth. Once done, I felt the stiffness of (genetic!) arthritis in two other fingers, as is sometimes the case in the morning, and began working on them. My fingers felt brand new in a matter of seconds.

Moving on, I felt somewhat of the strain of my gym workout in my forearms and realized they needed attention. Now, four hours later, I press the area that surely yielded a dull, painful feeling before, and my arms are pain-free.

Stress and Pain in the Neck! 

Hands down, however, it was my neck and upper back that demanded the most time and attention this AM. The stress and pain combo was relentless. My fingers and palms did a lot of work pointing, brushing and nudging the large expanse across my upper back.  I pressed and held it to release and relax, and after a few minutes, the pain was finally gone.

The fingers of one hand were also led to clutch the occipital ridge where the brain connects to the spine at the back of the head. The other hand went to the base of the spine and I turned onto my left side for comfort. I wanted to feel the energy flow but did not. Instead, I felt pulsation on my head, warmth and completeness, which definitely meant energy was present.

I rarely work on my throat as part of daily –okay, twice weekly– practice anymore, but this morning the throat chakra requested support. The feeling I got was of a huge sense of filling up to the point I almost felt I had something in my throat. I was filled and thankful.


I should share that when each part of my anatomy would speak to me, a deep breath would always accompany my movement to address stress and pain in an area. This is often noticeable when I give a receiver Reiki, and noticing this as I worked on myself had me feeling quite synchronized.

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–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid