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How Dreams Affect Health–3 Articles

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You didn’t know dreams affect health? There are many examples of dreams in literature, religion and the news that demonstrate how dreams affect health of individuals.

Of course, mental health is the primary showcase for this phenomenon. However, dreams are extremely important to all areas, since they disclose your parallel life to you. You spend one quarter to one-third of your day in sleep mode, and possibly dream mode.

There’s no question that a good night’s sleep is required for the above-the-line health and for you to have the most telling dreams. We learn lessons from them, just as we learn lessons when awoke. Paying close attention, at least from time to time, won’t hurt your health journey and just might help it.

How Dreams Affect Health

In this article, 10 Things Your Dreams Can Tell You About Yourself  the author lists the following as important reasons to track your nightly adventures. The first reason declares state of health as the primary reason to track your dreams, but notice how the nine other reasons are aspects of health too:

  • 1. Dreams About Your State of Health
  • 2. Dreams About Your State of Mind
  • 3. Dreams About Where Your Attention Lies
  • 4. Dreams About Your Future Possibilities
  • 5. Dreams About Your Use of Imagination and Creativity
  • 6. Dreams About Control of Your Habits
  • 7. Dreams About How You are Expressing Yourself
  • 8. Dreams About The Many Parts of You
  • 9. Dreams About How You Are Changing
  • 10. Dreams About Your Connection with Your Inner Self

6 Things Your Dreams Can Tell You About Your Health talks about physical health, and how sugar, pregnancy, fever and more may be indicated in dreams. The bottom line is you need to pay attention to dream symbols and occurrences. What goes on in your subconscious gives clues as to what’s going on with you health-wise.

Finally, 7 Alarming Things Your Dreams Tell You About Your Mental Health describes how there are messages that can only be revealed through your shadow side, because you wouldn’t be able to handle the news otherwise.

If you’re new to watching your dreams and want to begin keeping track of them, I suggest sips of water before sleep and after awakening. Have a paper and pen handy and recall and begin writing down whatever you can. You’ll notice the more you write, the more you’re able to remember.

For and extra boost, try the Hi-Speed Subliminal audio MP3, Listen to Your Dreams.

My unicorn dream last week is partly responsible for my focus on dreams and health. Please listen to your dreams and search online for meanings and indicators. Then take heed!

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

Photoshop edit by Vzmala