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Focus on What’s Missing — Essential Oils

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The focus today is The Missing Link that essential oils (EOs)are for the body, mind and spirit.

A holistic point of view embraces this trio as well as the food, clothing and shelter trio that were thought to be all human beings needed. EOs link these six together for a fulfilled, healthy and ever-healing life.
To truly feel whole and complete and cover all bases, why not enfold pure oils into your life? Use them to connect those aspects that you feel (body), think (mind) and sense (spirit) may be off kilter.
Here are some fundamental EO benefits,  excerpted from the famous “The Missing Link” talk given by D. Gary Young, premier scholar and distiller of pure oils:

“Essential Oils, just to give you a real simple analogy…if we were to take the plant and human body and put them side by side we could so some very interesting comparisons… blood has a very specific purpose… to transport nutrients to the cells, to nurture and feed the cells. One of the primary agents in the blood that is responsible for the delivery of the nutrients through the cell walls is called oxygen. If we take the oxygen out of the blood what happens? We would die very quickly… When we look at EOs, they have the same role, and play the same function in the plant, as the blood does in the human body. The Essential Oil is the blood of the plant.

“How many of you have cut your finger? What happens? You bleed. Why do you bleed? (Audience: to cleanse) Exactly, to cleanse and to kill the bacteria because you have to do that to start the regeneration process of the tissue. Okay, how many of you ladies have seen a leaf on one of your houseplants torn or damaged? What comes out? It’s a liquid, isn’t it? It’s called the resin by some, some call it the blood of the plant. Some call it the life force of the plant but it’s the same thing, it bleeds… You see, the EO is like the blood, it’s a transporter system, and the primary ingredient inside that oil is called oxygen.

“It has been discovered and determined now through research and the translation of the Papyrus and hieroglyphics in Egypt, that oils were the first medicine of man. Even before herbs were used, oils were extracted from the plant and used before the actual plant was used. As of three years ago, it was documented that Essential Oils produce the highest level of oxygenating molecules of ANY SUBSTANCE KNOWN TO MAN….

“We’re just going to walk through some things… and show you why Essential Oils are the missing link in our health field today and why everyone and every home needs to have them.

“Let’s look at what the human body is up against today. We look at what’s causing the poisons that we’re inhaling, the industrial contamination that’s affecting our air. Look at the foods we’re eating today, fried foods in grease that causes carcinogenic activity in the blood. Foods that are devaluated and therefore we get no enzymes from the foods that we’re eating. The foods that are coming from the fields are sprayed with chemicals. The ground is saturated with chemicals and has been for over 50 years….

“Not to mention the environmental contamination that’s going into the aquifer, along with all of the contamination in the entire food chain that the human body is subject to. We absorb this not only through the food and the water but through the pores of our skin and the oxygen we breathe in through our lungs. These chemicals go down into the intestinal tract and cause a weakening of the membrane wall and they leach through into the liver and cause cell mutation. It changes the pH chemistry of the blood and all of a sudden we’ve got a problem. WE start creating a host for disease and then we wonder how can this possibly happen? So detoxification is extremely important today in our lives.

“It’s really interesting to know that Essential Oils, because of their structure, will literally push chemicals and metallics out of the cells. How? Because they have the highest level of oxygenating activity of any substance known to man. Oxygen pushes toxins out and pulls potassium back into the cell. Essential Oils will re-establish normal cell function and balance.” (emphasis added)

To get a copy of the full transcript, reach out. Learn how to incorporate essential oils into your routine. For research and specific EO data click here. Call or text (201) 966-1170.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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