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The Challenges to Reiki Energy

As I prepare for the next Reiki Training this spring, the fear people have of others’ energy has come to light and must be addressed as an additional module.

Reiki (universal healing life force) is an excellent way of preserving your own energy and protecting your body-mind-spirit from antagonistic energies around you.

This point was brought home in today’s Tapping World Summit session with Carol Tuttle, a psychotherapist and energy healer who also taps.

The Challenges To Reiki

Reiki and Tapping are very similar in that they employ the concept of ki, also known as chi (qi). This life force concept positions a person to align themselves with All That Is, and in so doing prevent any untoward  aggression.

You may believe many people are negative, sick or envious, and members of the “misery loves company” club. It is highly like their energies are in the atmosphere, this viewpoint says, just waiting to latch onto vulnerable and sensitive souls.

While this may be true –I won’t deny the full spectrum of human behavior– it doesn’t mean you can’t triumph over bad or evil energy.

How is this so? You see, since every iota of movement or force is part of a matrix-like configuration that includes all human capacities, you need only align yourself with what you know of the positive, great, salutary capacities. And you know MUCH more than you think you do.

To the degree you entertain negative energies by a mere thought, you do in fact bring down your own energetic response and feelings and move your spirit towards hopelessness. Our aim once again is to upgrade and maintain above-the-line health.


You may have prayer, meditation, yoga, dance, laughter, tapping, qigong, tai chi, acupuncture, and essential oils (nature’s living energy). These are gifts of the one world we live in, and universal healing energy, in its Reiki or Ra Sekhi* form, is another way of becoming aligned and staying aligned with the best force in the one world.

The way you get from here to the one-world place is instinctive. It happens firstly by ignoring naysayers, the skeptical and the ignorant.

Secondly, instruction in techniques that are protective is provided in my Reiki Training and Certification course. You can learn to stay in alignment with The Force Generating All Forces.

Not Everyone Will Journey With You

There are people you love who don’t want to know about Reiki or any holistic health modalities that are “different.” They don’t know they are resisting positive change, and you can’t do anything about it.

It is best to stay upbeat, drive your HealMobile self, and do Reiki  consistently. Try it on everything. This is the name of Nick Ortner’s book about tapping, and I may consider making it a subtitle of the manual I’m working on about Reiki. It’s all energy.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid


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*Ra Sekhi is the Kemetic form of Reiki.