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Anti-Tobacco Day – 5 Ways Energy Healing Can Help With Smoke Addiction

From Sanmati Sanyam, Chief Energy Officer at House Of Healers
The question we often ask our customers is; Do you love yourself Most of them hesitate a little and finally say YES. The following conversation is:

Imagine holding a cigarette between your fingers, lighting it, and as your hand goes to your mouth, asking yourself: Do I love myself? YES.

Is this action consistent with this?

This is when 95% of them realize that smoking is not the real problem. It’s a result of our low self-esteem that makes us smoke in our teenage years to feel like we belong / be cool, our inability to be comfortable in our skin that prevents us from being in Saying NO to a social circle and, for the most part, it is our lack of self-love that triggers these behaviors in us, and although we know something is toxic to us, we continue to do it.

How Can Energy Healing Help You Quit Smoking?

Energy Healing uses Prana, or life force, to heal imbalances and illnesses in the body. It works on the principle that the human body is naturally “self-healing”. Energy healing techniques help the body heal by removing diseased energy and increasing the body’s vitality, which in turn accelerates the body’s ability to heal itself.

Listed below are the ways energy healing can help someone who is addicted to smoking:

1. Stress is a big trigger for smoking and most people do not know what makes them light a cigarette as it has become the body’s natural response in a stressful situation. During the healing sessions, accumulated stress energies are cleared from the system, which helps the person to achieve deep relaxation.

2.Energy Healing helps cleanse and flush toxins from the body, which improves blood circulation and lung function.

3. Through the healing, thoughts and emotions associated with the desire to smoke are purified, which drastically reduces the desire and also releases the fear of withdrawal symptoms.

4. The most effective part of the healing process is improving the person’s willpower, which strengthens the client’s determination not to fall back into the addictive pattern.

5. Cellular healing is used as supportive therapy along with smoking addiction cure to address the deeper problem – LACK OF SELF-LOVE. With this healing, people experience a positive change in the choices they make in their life. A deep inner motivation sets in to move, to feed the body with nutritious foods and drinks, to eliminate habits and behaviors that do not add value. The person experiences an increase in love for himself and that feeling changes everything.

Researcher Andrea Veronica Garcia, MD from Cuenca, Ecuador, conducted a study of 108 patients to evaluate the effects of Pranic Healing on those with nicotine addiction from smoking, and it was observed that the use of Pranic Healing techniques in smokers can lead to an effective cessation of tobacco use.