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Affirmations Intentions Goals

Our Monday night meeting with members of The HealMobile Team yielded incredible, great stuff that is already pushing each of us forward.


“you can go back and fetch it”

At the prodding of the group and as an expression of the sankofa principle, I went back to my original thought about the HealMobile–that we’re in motion–we might as well be healthy and healing.

This expresses who I really am as the HealMobile driver, and how I’m committed to help people be their highest, healthiest selves at the highest horizon–and “keep it moving,” straight ahead towards their personal ideal.

We also discussed the difference between affirmations, intentions and goals, especially as they relate to using essential oils and energy techniques to free up buried emotions.

With the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT), the intention is paramount. It must stretch you so that you feel a bit out of your comfort zone when you express it. This was recently emphasized by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, creator of the technique (on what he termed “a clearing call” introducing AFT).

A team member asked about the difference between an intention and a goal. For me, one’s goal (or objective) delineates the time and space dimension so that an intention is measurable. I see it as a sub-category of the intention that is required to help trigger emotions when you state it. Examples:

  • My intention is to be debt free BECOMES: I am debt-free within nine months.
  • My intention is to build a marketing team to promote my products BECOMES: I have ten new collaborators whose brilliant ideas help me to explode my income by 10x in 90 days
  • My intention is to stop smoking (drinking alcohol/addictive behavior)  BECOMES:  I no longer indulge in smoking (drinking alcohol/addictive behavior) as of ________(date).

Note that measurable intentions spur you to want to do something. You must work to bring your “now” up to speed with your stated intention.

The space between “the now” and the “stretched present” is where an emotion will show up that may be blocking you. This is when the oils are inhaled and the technique is fully executed.

Once there is no resistance to the intention, the affirmation is formulated at the end of the process. It is repeated for at least seven days, morning and night.

I am finding that I combine the many affirmations I have generated with the AFT exercise all at once. My morning affirmation is more like a shout-out that I’m proclaiming daily to the universe.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid