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January Energy Update

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Although we talk about 2019 as if it is the only possible New Year, we also know there is Chinese New Year, Jewish New Year. Islamic New Year, and Khamitic New Year. There are more, no doubt, and each gives its observers the opportunity to plow into a new ground of being.

No matter which New Year you observe, you always have a feeling you want to start fresh in some aspect of your life. Thus you encounter a lot of talk about how to commit to resolutions and follow through to actualize dreams.

Few are talking about the main enemy of keeping these promises to oneself, but I’d say TECHNOLOGY is the best word to describe it. (It may be harsh to call it an enemy, but we must BEWARE.)

Connecting to the Internet of social media, news, the globe, Things, and much more, however, is consuming our precious time and energy. And we certainly cannot get time back.

The good news is we can replenish the energy we use to “stay in touch” and “put it in.” These are energy draggers and we have got to stop the pull.

Ground of Being and Energy

Our ground of being is the space we occupy that is central to who we are — spirit, mind, body, emotions, and social, nature-bound humans. One of these fuels all the others, but the primacy of one is not wrong or right, it just is.

Self-assessment of your ground of being only reveals an orientation or an instinct that supports spirit-mind-body-emotional harmony so you feel stable in your life.

This stability could be better explained as the Kemetic principle of Ma’at. This word is usually translated to mean: Truth, Justice, Balance, Order, Compassion, Harmony, and Reciprocity. My two-word meaning for Ma’at is Love and Mercy.

As an exercise, name these qualities out loud, slowly. Note the vibrational frequency of the words, and how they contribute to your feeling healthy and safe.

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted by the plethora of gadgets, smartphones and microcomputers in our homes, on the other hand, debilitate you at the cellular level and metaphysically. As a result, you feel dragged down and jittery.

Keep Ma’at & NuYr Resolutions

Here are simple home products and things you do that are sapping your energy, ability to maintain Ma’at, and commitment to keep your resolutions and promises:

<>Alarm clock — get an analog travel clock. I’m using a premium for donors from my job at City College (pictured).

<>Microwave — take the time to plan meals, eat food at room temperature, remove them from fridge to defrost to decrease dependency on this major energy sapper

<>Vehicle — Use maps; get over the novelty of Alexa or Alexi or Waze giving directions when you really could depend on your intuition much more with great success. Plot out where you’re going before leaving.

<>Phone — disable the Wi-fi feature especially during sleep hours. Read this article about just how much vital energy you lose because of EMFs from phone (and home). The government has issued this take on the matter.

<>Laptop/computer/tablet — shut everything down nightly at least.

<>Games — shut them down, turn them off, get help if addicted!

Ways to Maintain Ma’at Naturally

Use essential oils. These are ones I recommend.

Eat superfoods. These are discussed on various posts on this site; Search to your heart’s content.

Cook or prepare your own meals. Mass-produced fast foods don’t feed your cells the way you do, because the intention is (salty) taste and profit, not improving wellbeing.

Self-generate often. Take a rest and deep breathe whenever you’ve a mind to. In other words, obey your mind when it says STOP!

Replenish in nature. Or with it. Talk and vibe with plants, walk with gratitude among greenery, hike, steam, swim, chill in kind of chilly weather if you can. Do what it takes to feel grounded.

In our Grounded and Ungrounded post we also discuss this issue. Comments welcome!

–Rev. Niamo Nancy