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9 Ways to Tune-Up Energy Frequency for High Vibratory Health

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Tune-up your energy frequency wave length for the best health and personal GPS ever. Here are nine ways you can raise your mind-body-spirt and emotional health, and align with your highest vibratory Self:

  1. Interpret your dreams so they help you to expand. If something dies or is killed, it could mean some part of yourSelf is dying off or needs to go — its time is over. DON’T LET BAD DREAMS GET YOU DOWN! Talk about energy vampires! Acknowledge the symbolic language and move onto your day!
  2. Listen to your heart. Seriously, if you don’t meditate or sit still for longer than you think you should, you’re probably missing messages from your closest ally, your Higher Self. Place hands over your heart, chill, and listen. You are guaranteed to have more energy afterward, not to mention practical ideas.
  3. Take a brisk walk. People who walk fast are said to live longer — of course, especially if they are older. Your aim is to live better. The length of days cannot be controlled. However, the lungs love it when you give them a workout, because it pumps other organs and the lymph especially. The lymph circulates and drains more effectively due to your speed walking.
  4. Rub your hands together then cover your eyes. The warmth of the energy from the palms penetrates the pupils and eye sockets, cleansing them with energy molecules and quanta. This is also a way to relieve eye strain.
  5. Rub your feet, that is, give yourself a reflexology treatment. Loads of books and charts show just where and how you should massage the hardest-working appendage of your body. Show them some love!
  6. Twist your back. By this I mean, make sure you are stretching every which way, to the sides, back, and bent over to touch your toes. Do the twist standing in place. All this gives the spine a real tune-up. Many yoga poses like matsyendrasana (the half-fish pose), stretch and condition the back. Consequently, every body organ AND the brain get a tune-up and more energy.
  7. Tap for health
  8. Aromas and the power of scent
  9. Breathe Correctly.

These last 3 comprise HealMobile offerings

  • 7. Tap for health, using two fingers on your face and body. Think thoughts that dissipate the energy you do not want to feel. Read more about tapping here. This is how we begin a Free Your Feelings session.
  • 8. Aromas and the power of scent tune-up the way you listen to your feelings, energy, and truth. Hearing and smelling are related. There are essential oils, attars, and herbs that can clarify and clear the air, tone down stress and support peaceful bearings, relieve and diffuse tension, supply oxygen to the physical body and dispel negativity in the physical environment. Scents are powerful because they shift memories, recollections, and deep-seated emotions by their influence on the endocrine and hormonal systems.
  • 9. Maybe most important of all — Breathe Correctly. There’s a four-part breath that takes your inhale all the way down to your lowest muscle. It’s Kegel for women, the prostate for men. Third lowest is the central chakra below the navel; second is the stomach/rib cage/deep lungs, and 1st is the upper chest lung area. Learn to breathe down to the lowest part of you, hold the breath, then slowly let that stale air escape your wide-open mouth. Babies breathe to the belly and so should adults. This kind of breathing is associated with meditation and Reiki, because it settles the body to a point of total relaxation. Great for sleeping, and do it faster for energizing. (Everything energy workers do begins with deep breathing.)

No “drive” needed for an energy tune-up, you just have to relax

When you are relaxed, you have access to your Higher Self, your inner truth, your true feelings about everything (authenticity). Relaxation is the Key, says one of my allies about spiritual and mind-body health. When you tune up your energetic frequency, you enable tiptop vibrations to emanate from you and through you.

Whether oppressed by your own feelings and/or an “external supremacy,” take steps to reclaim your stamina. If you embrace the oily lifestyle (or are considering it), then an oil change or tune-up is like an overhaul. You are upgrading your body-mind-spirit vehicle. Learn more about oils here, and get on my mailing list to receive updates about workshops.

Whether it’s oils, tapping, dreams or meditation, your frequency can be so high that you’re a natural signal tower. Better than an energy-sapping cell tower! In ancient and not so ancient times, people communicated without physical technology and important messages got through.

It may be time to receive your important message. If you would like to fine-tune your vibrational frequency for what Life is requesting of you, get an energy tune-up or at least inquire about one.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

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