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8 Tips For Womanly Peace

Photo of Niamo in lavender field

Smelling lavender in a lavender field.

What is womanly peace? The kind that doesn’t get rattled because of the behaviors of men and children!? This is the 2017 Inquiry of the Summit:

As I embrace all aspects of myself, including rage and fear, what is available for the transformation of the universe?

What is available for women (like me) is a state of womanly peace. This notion is based on what I’m noticing as a high degree of womanly rage and fear.

These emotions are expressed seemingly because of men and children, and maybe less obviously because of the cord linking us all and inherent in the thoughts, feelings and stories we women have about our lives.

Rage and fear wreak havoc on our above-the-line-health. Stress and dis-ease follow too soon. Ways to gaining more peace of mind are:

  1. Put a lid on The Retort. Take responsibility for the atmosphere you create and the emotions you set off when what you’ve said hits the listener(s). Is it peace?
  2. Know your triggers. Become stingy with reactions to people’s B.S., including flattery  and subtle manipulation.
  3. Set your boundaries. Just as goal-setting requires measurable actions, boundary setting requires measurable turfs. Though “never say never” is wise, just observe how you’ve been treated or treated others, or been spoken to or spoken to others when you know the context was out of bounds (for you). Mark that territory and remind yourself to stay away from there. Example: cussing or cursing.
  4. Accept and embrace your vulnerability.  This is closely related to the triggers and boundaries in that embracing I’m-know-I’m-soft-in-this-area, I’m not-going-there as a given or a fallback will increase your peace and quiet strength.
  5. Educate your expectations. Peace often gets disrupted because expectations are unrealistic. I have to thank Artemis Limpert for the idea that we can change our lives by basing expectations on who we really are, and educating our minds to be more truthful about what to expect.
  6. Give thanks for the monthly and for its completion. We learn so much about ourselves through the feminine flow lifecycle, and it’s time to recognize and be grateful.
  7. Stop nickel-and-diming. That’s only a dollar or two you save by going out of your way to buy cheaper gas or go to the laundromat with cheaper machines. But where did your mind go to get there?
  8. Wear rose-colored glass for memories. Stop thinking something that happened was bad for you. It was good, you just haven’t accepted it as good yet.

There you have it, a list from and for my whole life. I hope this has helped someone.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid