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5 Top Ways To Know and GLOW Your Self

pic of orphans chart

Oprah Winfrey’s Horoscope Chart

Healthy people observe themselves, and take note as their needs change over time. They take self-healing initiatives to understand what works best for them and move in that direction.

But what happens if you are stuck doing work that you no longer like, or stuck in a relationship that just doesn’t seem to nurture you? Does your health get better? Or does the stress eventually take its toll?

You know the answer.

The door to my office has a sign that reads, If ye would enter here, first, know thyself. This is the inscription above the entryway to Egyptian and Greek temples. With health policy changes on the horizon, it is even more critical that you take responsibility for your health. This means knowing who you are, what you like, and what works or doesn’t work for you in terms of food, self-care, relationships and spirituality.

This is how you stay holistic, rather than go ballistic.

There are 5 critical components of who you are —metaphysically and holistically– that are beyond your education, genealogy and skills set. However, these too are informed by invisible factors. The problem is this society puts little stock in the metaphysical, mistakenly thinking it has no bearing on the physical world. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you are open to their messages, the invisible components of who you are produce ongoing feeds to your development and self-growth.

Maybe your aim is to have others feeling good in your presence. This would be true if you identify as a peacemaker, as I do. Or maybe you just want to feel more resilient and grounded when confronted with challenges. Either way, healthy and conscious individuals enhance and expand their worlds, and the people populating their worlds. Each of you is needed now, perhaps more than ever.

5 Top Empirical Yet Metaphysical Ways to Know and GLOW Your Self


Numbers are fundamental to four of the 5 Top Ways to Know Your Self and GLOW Your Self. Your name, birthday, birth order, address, telephone number and home or cell phone number tell a great deal about you and what your life experiences look like. Many students of this craft use it to choose the best days on which to sign business papers and buy property. My summary below will advise you on how to incorporate numerology into your quest. 


Deny if you want to, but the sun sign, or placement of the sun in a constellation on your birthday, is a major indicator of who you are. There are so many other aspects of your horoscope, that is, the map of the heavens on the day you were born, that it doesn’t make sense to discuss it briefly. Indeed, in some cultures people have their children’s horoscope chart drawn the minute they are born. Religion in these cultures hasn’t detracted from understanding the planetary influences that have been observed over many millennia. There are good reasons why sun, moon and rising sign explanations, for example, seem to be accurate as general character descriptions.

The reason I’m using astronomy and astrology together is because at one time these two were perceived as one and the same. My summary below will advise you on how to incorporate astronomy/astrology into your quest. 

Feng Shui

The feng shui aspect that encourages self-awareness has to do with your “best direction.” Feng shui (wind, water) is the study of environmental placement, whether of a building to be built or furniture settings in one’s home. Chinese astrology is closely related to it, and the concept of good or bad direction is based on birthdate or incorporation of a business or a person. One’s best direction is opposite one’s best health direction. Therefore, once you know them, you can make the conscious effort to work, relax, sleep and eat in the proper directions for you. There are subtleties to it, to be sure.

Become familiar with what works for you and why, and compare with how you feel when you’re not operating (facing) in your best direction. My summary below will advise you on how to incorporate feng shui into your quest. 

Mayan Cosmology

This system is much like astronomy/astrology, however it tracks energies, further distinguishing what astrology calls signs.  In this system, based on one of the ancient Mayans’ many calendars, your energy immediately tells people who you are and what you are here to do to advance humanity. My summary below will advise you on how to incorporate Mayan cosmology into your quest. 

Dagara System

This is another system based on the birth year, introduced by Dr. Malidoma Somé. It takes the last number in the year one was born, and since I was born in 1953, my number in this system is 3. The meanings of the numbers are quite coded and figurative, given that the Dagara people didn’t write down the meanings with examples over time. Their mostly oral tradition is not confined only to their people in what is now Burkina Faso (formerly Equatorial Guinea) and is believed to be derived from the Nile Valley cosmology, similar to other West African systems.


I have been acquainted with each of these systems and I praise the Creator for making me aware of my possibilities. My mother bought me a beaded astrological necklace when I was 12. Nine small square beads had the planet, sign location, house (constellation location) and the number of the degree placement of the planet. (This was when Pluto was still considered a planet.) I was fascinated and so began my interest in astrology.  This was the 1960s and everyone seemed interested in astrology at the time. At the same time, I was enrolled in Saturday astronomy classes and learned about the dynamics of outer space. Clusters of planets having the shapes of Greek deities was enmeshed in this course, given by the Children’s Museum in Brooklyn, so I was grounded in the science and the meta-science of astrology/astronomy during the same period of time.

Later I learned how numerology was fundamental to calculations of astrologers, astronomers and each of the other systems. I got to appreciate the meaning of my Life Number, Personality Number, and other numbers that could be projected out to my life’s destiny.

Later still, I read up on Chinese astrology and how these very different animals, compared to the other system, gave deeper insight into the self. My Leo lion was now a snake! This was eye-opening to say the least. However it helped me to understand how I shed, how I change things and perceptions of things (manipulate!), and how I incline towards seeking wisdom (Snake), not just dominion (Leo).

painting of the dagara wheel

The Dagara Cosmological Wheel: blue (1,6) Water; green (3,8) Nature; red (2,7) Fire; white (4,9) Mineral; yellow (0,5) Earth

The Dagara system taught me I was a Nature person, which is close to the “air” of Gemini. However this person has the ability to be a change agent in a way no other sign can. This resonated with me. I finally understood my moods –nature can be fiery, rainy, gloomy, windy, pleasant, sunshiney, etc. It’s just nature! Earthquakes, snowstorms, tornados and tsunamis are included. Boy, was this a revelation for me.

Finally, the Mayan system has me being a secretary, dog, sacred scribe or sacred law interpreter, and lawgiver (who is prone to make up laws for myself). This system has been the most accurate for where I am today. I am clear that if I had read about Tz’i energy in my 20s, however, I would not know who they were talking about.

I’ve evolved over time, and it is only since maturing that I feel comfortable with any of these.  I am an 11 Life Number and never resonated with the two, but as an elder have grown to resonate with two. I have a level insight I didn’t have when younger. Plus, as a young woman, I wanted to be an 11, the so-called spiritual Life Number. How foolish –I realize this now.

My suggestion is you begin to look into any metaphysical system that seems to call you. There are many good books on each subject.

Be particularly open to information about which parts of the body are affected by your sign, number or energy. When you come across websites like this, that purport to match your sun sign with a food, flower or plant –know that there’s may be more to it than that. Yet sometimes over-simplified information gives you access to facts you wouldn’t normally accept. Everything gets that “grain of salt.”

Once you are more familiar with the unseen critical components of YOU, and which aspects reflect your “level of water” or stage of maturity, you will know yourself better and be more comfortable with the wisdom of the ages. Soon enough, as you grow in self-awareness, you will begin to GLOW with good health (provided you take heed to the warnings).

In this moment, I am proof that this can happen, praises be. Every day I learn more about this HealMobile ride I’m blessed to be on. Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now, as Maya Angelou has written.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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