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5 Freeing Frankincense Hacks

frankin_flowerIt’s About Frankincense  If you didn’t know, the potent, essential miracle of frankincense is its ability to connect you with Spirit. (Free download below)

Correction needed! To be more precise, the potent, essential miracle is this:  frankincense opens your awareness to the fact that you ARE connected.

Sometimes you have to be reminded.

This tree resin, in its rock and essential oil forms, stimulates the spiritual connection and is even more effective when your motivation, to meditate, think, and fuel your intentions, is clear.

pic of boswellia careterii being sold on street

Boswellia carterii being sold on the street in small packets (golden rocks). Though buried (which may speak to its purity), the frankincense rocks shown here may be the most powerful substance on this vending table. As vendors about the origin of their frankincense.

Here are 5 freeing frankincense hacks to help you free your mind and heart of  burdens.

  1. You can chew it (if you trust your source)
  2. You can drink it (again, you have to trust your source)
  3. Burn it to help you listen
  4. Smell it to “bell the cats” of your monkey mind
  5. Use the oils in your night cream to zone your way to sleep and keep skin supple

Most of these hacks are explored in multiple ways on the Internet. The third one, about helping you listen, comes from researchers who found that “burning incense indoors improves the acoustic properties of the room.”

I’ve been collected information about this amazing plant for at least seven years. I prefer the frankincense grown in the northeast region of Africa, as well as its cousin grown in southern Yemen.

Read more about others’ research combined with HealMobile team’s experiences in a three-part series on frankincense still in progress:

Download Part 1, “5 Reasons Why, Frankly, It’s About Frankincense” (PDF)


What’s more, an older, FDA-frowned upon resource lists frankincense as #1 in anti-depression chemical activity.  Here’s that list of resins, fruits, and flowers you can smell and eat as a way to start FEELING BETTER, at the very least. And communing with the gift of nature’s living energy (unadulterated aromatics or essential oils) is available if you continue to familiarize yourself with the potent essential miracles inside of each:

Depression: frankincense, lemon, sandalwood, geranium, lavender, angelica, orange, grapefruit, ylang ylang