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5 Foods to Build Up Melanin

pic of natureboy re melanin

I’ve missed posting since being on vacation! Glad to say I made a lot of progress working on my book about Reiki, the universal energy, and Africamericans.

In my research I came across Natureboy and Naturegirl on YouTube, and they had engaging things to say about our bodies, and melanin, the pigment that colors the skin.

As you know, whatever you focus on expands. Among Africamercans in particular, there’s a big focus on melanin as a panacea for maintaining good vibrations, higher energy, and good health.

Your Body and Melanin, per Natureboy

  • Melanin informs the vibratory rate and frequency.
  • The deeper the color, the more vibration, vortex, spinning energy, atoms, the universe [within you]. 
  • The pituitary gland is producing the melanin (universe) in the brain.
  • Get in the communication with the universe again, within and without.
  • Nature is brown and green; we belong with the brown and green.
  • All our cells are electrified.
  • Kinky, coily hair allows a connection to the universe.
  • Hands and feet are power points; nothing’s blocking the energy from coming in. 

Of course our cells are electrified, but some of these points mix science with vision. I note the self-talk that encourages good health, and note further ideas that readjust the effects of historical trauma.

Anyway, Natureboy’s last point speaks to Reiki. When I pray and before a session my hands are open to receive the good that’s there for me and the client. My fingers and palms tingle in response to energy he would say is melanin.

After a session, I make sure the client is grounded at the feet. I agree, feet should touch the Earth much more; health would be far improved if they did.  Hands and feet, our natural power points, really can nourish us and work for us.

Is it surprising above-the-line health is at-hand and with best foot forward?

Nature boy said, You’ve got to get to the tropics! Worrying about clothes and shoes are part of that falsehood that block, imprison and control us. If you can’t get naked, you’re not free. Well, everyone in the video wore bathing suits, or shorts and tops, so the Costa Rica paradise they were broadcasting from is not a nudist colony.

Foods and Forbidden Knowledge

As to the true value of melanin, the couple say mainstream media and the medical establishment can’t explain the healing benefits of this light-absorbing polymer, and are not equipped to.

For one thing, melanin allows darker-skinned people to bask in the sun, even if pharmaceutical groups advise against it. Dark people burn too, they insist. (Especially if unhealthy…see below.) Most of us have witnessed this. It may not look red and blistery, but darker skin can burn and feel intolerable.

For another thing, after sun exposure, which activates and draws out the protective properties, melanin continues functioning for hours. Free-radical scavenging and other tasks are still being studied. Advocates say melanin is repairing, balancing, harmonizing, and bringing about stasis as a universal healer.

At odds with these benefits is the dairy, meat and carbohydrate diet and lifestyle. Too much mucus in this diet prevents optimum melanin activation (it comes from the amino acid tyrosine). It cannot communicate and do its work properly. The couple says the following foods clean melanin of the pus and mucus, and will help to de-stress you.

  1. potatoes (red, purple, brown; boiled, if fried use coconut oil)
  2. bananas
  3. avocados
  4. tomatoes
  5. sunflower seeds

Watch the video to learn how they prepare these foods. They don’t reveal this until after about one hour has passed!

Final Advice

The suggested foods supply vitamin B6, which is known to enhance the functioning of neurotransmitters (brain electrical activity).

  • Eating these foods will electrify your body.
  • Eat one meal a day at 12 noon.
  • Aside from that, eat all the fruits you can, with their seeds. They are only organic if they have seeds! They’ll cleanse and electrify your body.
  • This food list will connect you back to the universe.
  • Drink lots of tea — chamomile, lemon and ginger; green tea and peppermint tea. You must make sure mucus gets out of the body.
  • Drink hot water in the morning; make sure water is alkaline by adding lime.
  • Light is a less condensed version of dark matter, that is, melanin.

You may already know the B vitamins should be grouped together. The extra B6 should be in addition to whatever B-Complex you may already take. Also, vitamins B and C work well together, providing even more protection and support.

Don’t overdo vitamins and supplements.

Do study food nutrients. Knowledge brings awareness and informs better choices.

Do not worry about food intake. Holistic health means intention is paramount.

Natureboy says:

If you are a light worker you are here to be a new ancient people. I agree.

Be the example of what you’re supposed to be doing. Great advice.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid


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