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5 Best & Excellent Determinations

pic of iron sankofa symbol

The Sankofa symbol meaning, “You can go back and fetch it,” immortalized by African ironworkers in the early generations of enslavement on U.S. shores. It’s now a standard of the Best & Excellent in wrought iron gate work. 

From my mouth to God’s ears, as the saying goes. For this second day of Kwanzaa, I greet you with Habari Gani, Kujichagulia! Self-determination is what kuji-cha-gu-lia  means, and for The Healmobile, this is a big one.

I am not sure why the word “self” is placed in front of determined, but I am determined to be Best & Excellent in how I:

  1. face the coming year amidst a political storm
  2. anoint my spirit and stay spiritually connected
  3. feed my mind good books, music, relaxation, play and critical thinking
  4. treat my body and choose Best & Excellent nourishment, pampering, clothing and adornment
  5. acknowledge the Best & Excellent in others

It was a kujichagulia blessing this morning to experience an Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) session,  and be on the receiving end of guidance through a breakthrough.

My life coach used AFT to draw out my concern about vulnerability showing up due to fear of new relationships.

The session brought to light an awareness of the deep impact of certain teenage memories. It was easy to see how parts of memories I’d never considered before affect my thinking about partnerships and relationships today. We revisited my affirmation and it is now,

“I am present, powerful, disciplined and loving.”

Previously, the last word was “peaceful.” “Loving” identified the strength and transformation possible in being vulnerable, while also encompassing the peace I want to mirror with loved ones, clients and seekers.

I am present because of a tendency to dream and envision and not be-here-now.

I am powerful because of a tendency to want to shift gears too quickly and not trust myself, thereby weakening my stand and mental clarity.

I am disciplined because of a perceived feminine, womb-like tendency to a fault, ever adding to and starting new projects yet often overloading and not completing previous creations. (AKA pleasing others!)

In appreciating all this, I am the Best & Excellent Niamo Nancy I can be in this moment. Ashé, alHamdulillah, Hallelujah, Praise be to God, Source of All Sources!

In the spirit of the African wisdom of Kwanzaa, the first self-determining African Diaspora holiday in the world, I’d love you to share your self-determined affirmation(s) below.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid