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3 Freedoms for Friday

drawing and poster of eagle

Eagle posterart courtesy touchn2btouched.tumblr.com

Friday the 13th 

I’m aware today is NOT the 13th, however, the thought came that people rejoice and dread Fridays. We’ll get to these feelings in a moment.

Did you know old buildings in New York City were built without the 13th floor? This was because western Europeans were convinced 13 was an unlucky number. Once the 13 colonies became a thing, however, the number lost its sting. This took many generations,. Now, to most, 13 means little to nothing. New buildings don’t skip the 13th floor.

Yet there are conspiracy theories about the number appearing on the dollar bill. How and why 13 got connected to Friday is debated. Maybe I will expand on this in eight months, on October 13, a Friday.

Superstition IS something to heal from because it is not freeing!

Furious Films

On April 14, 2017, also a Friday, the 10th installment of the Furious movies, The Fate of the Furious, will open (Wikipedia). I am not promoting the film, and haven’t seen them. I want to associate the emotion fury with Friday.

People are in a state beyond rage that they cannot name. Clients, customers and travelers share that they are going through fury at themselves, life, and the government.

I need us to name this fury and be with it. I am doing it for myself as well.

The Great Wall

I was driving home from jumuah in New York. (Jumuah, congregational prayer meeting, is often translated “Friday.”)  On a whim, I stopped at a movie theatre to see what was playing. Since I am interested in ancient Chinese culture (qi, chi) and The Great Wall was about to start, I thought, Why not?!

The movie was about defending the Emperor from these furious “manimals,” and the role of an Englishman in doing that. He saved the day. It was a fascinating film, and well-done technologically, of course.

The FURY though! These man-eating creatures also ate anything you threw at them. This was their weakness. I won’t say more, and you can see the film if you’re so inclined. It’s rated G, and if you take teenagers or younger you may wish to study the subject to see how or if the film reinforces the history of the Great Wall of China. 

Fury has us attract more fury. The hungry, pessimist spirit gobbles unleashed anger up as if it is candy, even though the body-mind knows it’ll make us sick. This is what needs to be addressed.

Note how you feel after watching these furious, violence-laden movies. Note especially if what you’ve learned about the human being supersedes the violence. This is the saving grace, and this was true of The Great Wall film.

Finally, note the great wall you have built to protect yourself from yourself and others. What it is made of; which emotions?

As I embrace all aspects of myself, including rage [fury] and fear, what is available for the transformation of the universe?

Thank God It’s Friday / The Eagle Flies on Friday

Last but not least is TGIF and getting paid on Friday. We rejoice because this is the day we will let our hair down and relax from workplace tension and obligation.

Some of us drown our sorrows at TGIF the restaurant. This is not what TGIF really means. It is about the freedom from restraint that is possible if you allow it.

How freeing is your Friday?

I submit that you can feel and be free every day of the week, just as you feel and be totally released upon leaving work on the last day of your week (Friday or whenever).

However, some of you dread Friday because it is the beginning of a new set of worries about your weekend. Beyond personal care and home obligations, I am speaking of relationship connections, reconnections, promises, dates, and concerns about creditors, budgeting and banking. (These are from my experience; replace with yours…)

So you have two emotions pulling at you, relief and worry. TGIF may seem meaningless in this context.

Come Saturday morning, it feels like a work day because you have so much to do. Clear your head and do nothing for at least hour. This may take longer and that is okay.

Everything will take its proper place if you ONLY ACT ON THE FIRST THOUGHT you have. You don’t want to say later, I should have followed my mind / listened to my first thought. 

Other thoughts, representing the next priority, will follow easily.

But you must listen. Give your mind-body-spirit room for the first thought to surface. Then, in the weeks to come, you can reflect on TGIF as a positive way to begin the weekend.

CONGRATULATIONS. It’s Friday, and you’ve avoided drowning hard-earned money in a downward pool of alcohol, drugs and addictive behavior that would mask how you’re really feeling!

Again, the Summit’s 2017 declaration:

As I embrace all aspects of myself, including rage [fury] and fear, what is available for the transformation of the universe?

 –Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

Aroma Freedom addresses issues that you decide you are ready to bring to the surface. Tapping also is great for releasing constrained issues. Consider giving them a try.

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