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15 Abundance Reminders to Free Your Mind

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Dear Reader,

I would lie if I said I didn’t have money challenges from time to time. The thoughts of not enough, costs too much, spent too much, don’t have what I need enter my brain because I allow them to. The outcome is a spirit-mind-body beset by worry, mental stress, and physical weakness.

Turning to my good books always is the place to start to resolve such imbalances and maintain above-the-line holistic health. It was a blessing to open one of my favorites to immediately read these abundance reminders. Enjoy.

Abundance reminders for a mindset and life of financial freedom:

  1. Money is an effect.
  2. When you concentrate on the effect, you are forgetting the cause, and when you forget the cause, the effect begins to diminish.
  3. When you focus your attention on getting money, you are actually shutting off your supply.
  4. You must begin this very moment to cease believing that money is your substance, your supply, your support, your security, or your safety.
  5. Money is not — but God is!
  6. When you understand and realize this Truth, the supply flows uninterrupted into perfect and abundant manifestation.
  7. You must look to God alone as THE Source, and take your mind completely off the outer effect.
  8. If you look to your job,your employers, your spouse or your investments as the source of your supply, you are cutting off the real Source.
  9. In fact, if you look to any human person, place or condition for your supply, you are shutting down the flow.
  10. If you give power to any mortal as even being the channel for your supply, you are limiting your good.
  11. You must think of money and any other material desire or possession simply as an outer symbol of the inner supply.
  12. Money is the symbol of an Idea in Divine Mind.
  13. As the Divine Idea comes out into manifestation, it appears as the symbol — money.
  14. But money is not the supply.
  15. Rather, consciousness of God as your abundance constitutes your supply.

These financial freedom nuggets are adapted from The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price (Hay House, 1996,/1987, pp. 21-22).

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid