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10 Ways Your Womb Is Like A Cave

pic of crystal cave in Bermuda

Bermuda’s crystal cave.

I’ve been thinking about the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, and how their number is really known only to the Creator. They slept like babies, in a cave. What is known is that they retreated to the cave to escape deviltry, and that they slept for a really long time. Few discuss the ramifications of the cave they slept in.

I assert their story is a teaching on the self-growth wonders of the womb. A Womban Transformation event will be held this weekend in the Bronx, NY. The event is envisioned for every equinox and solstice as a time for women to really feed and feel their wombs and retreat into a “womban cave.”

Hence, 10 ways your womb is like a cave, and this is not in any particular order:

  1. There are stupendous functions and mechanisms going on that no one will ever see.
  2. Like a cavern, all the five elements are represented –earth (wood), air, fire, water and mineral (aka metalspace or spirit).
  3. Sleep, hibernation, and gestation always deliver growth and creation.
  4. Like a cavity, both negative and positive entities can grow or be found within it: bone, ice, gems, poisonous liquids, masses/mosses and other life.
  5. Your strongest thoughts shape what comes out of it, or what is revealed to you.
  6. If you push that which isn’t ready to come out, there may be an avalanche that ruins the interior.
  7. Massaging the feet, especially the lower arch and ankles, settles the womb/cave experience into a steady hum.
  8. It resonates and reverberates with crystal energy.
  9. It is a whole and complete.
  10. The feeling you get inside of it is greater than the sum of its parts.

Here’s to the womban cave!

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid