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Kindbody introduces a holistic health platform that enables an integrative supply continuum

NEW YORK, May 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Kindbody, a rapidly growing health technology company, today announced the launch of Kindbody360, a dynamic and inclusive solution focused on holistic care. Kindbody360 cleverly expands their fertility and family education offering with mental, physical and emotional support from before to after birth, in the clinic, online and via its telemedicine platform. Utilizing proprietary technology, the offering extends the reach of the company’s inpatient locations, mobile pop-ups, and over 300 partner clinics, and supports its mission to prioritize patient overall health and wellbeing.

Child body360

We need more virtual consolidators of holistic health platform services!

With Kindbody360, patients can schedule a virtual appointment with a robust network. Specialist providers include psychotherapists, nutritionists, surrogacy, donor and adoption trainers, postpartum and re-entry trainers, physical therapists, doulas, specialists in Eastern medicine, breastfeeding counseling and more. All have been carefully vetted and are determined to create a personalized trip to start a family for each and every patient. In a post-Covid world where employers are moving to a more flexible workplace, the company offers a dynamic, holistic “whole body” approach to care services for employees. The offer enables extended access to convenient and high-quality care, special products, events and workshops as well as an interactive content library for the rapidly growing employer and patient base.

“Kindbody360 is designed to meet patients everywhere, enhance the member experience and increase overall satisfaction while improving outcomes,” said Annbeth Eschbach, President. “As someone who’s been on the fertility journey for 5 years, I wish I had a single, streamlined platform like this one, and I’m really excited to bring it to the Kindbody community. We know that supporting mental, physical, and emotional health is critical to providing the best possible fertility and family care – and that is exactly what we do. ”

A Kind-to-the-Body platform for All Populations

1 in 8 couples, single parents of their choice, and 100% of the LGBTQ + population who choose to have a child must seek fertility services. The journey to starting a family can be incredibly complex, isolating, and arduous. Kindbody provides a vibrant community of support, education, products and services to transform the fertility and family education landscape by providing comprehensive and accessible solutions to patients and employers.

Kindbody believes these products and services are an integral part of a successful patient journey. Kindbody’s ability to provide integrated, technology-enabled care is one reason top employers choose Kindbody as a fertility and family education benefit. “We have responded to demand from employers and members by improving our ability to provide comprehensive health, fertility and wellness services,” said Cindy Gentry,  Chief Commercial Officer. The initiative “ensures that patients are supported throughout their medical journey, and that goes beyond fertility and family formation and beyond the four walls of a clinic.”

Mental health is a critical and often overlooked aspect of fertility management. Kindbody brings this to the forefront of patient care with embedded mental health questions included in the admission forms to guide the conversation with the clinician and empower the patient with supportive materials to use throughout their journey.

With high profile women’s health lawyers, including Michelle Obama and Meghan Markle, recently they have highlighted the need for psychological support when attempting pregnancy. They have worked with others to raise awareness of the emotional toll that fertility treatment can bring, and highlight the need for the holistic approach in patient care tracked. The recent pandemic has exacerbated the problem as the number of people with mental health problems has increased immensely since the pandemic began.

Where They Are Located

In addition to its holistic telemedicine platform and partner clinics, Kindbody owns and operates signature clinics in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New Jersey, with further locations in Austin, Orlando, Denver, and Minneapolis Opening later this year. The company’s rapid expansion reflects the growing demand from patients and employers for family-education services. Increasingly, both self-insured and fully insured employers are offering birth assistance and family education services and are thus contributing to double-digit annual growth. Today Kindbody has over 40 employer customers, half of whom are self-insured, and who represent more than 150,000 insured lives.

The company is led by the founder and CEO Gina Bartasi, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in health tech and former founder and CEO of Progyny (NASDAQ: PGNY).

Kindbody has collected a total of $ 64 million in financing from leading investors including Perceptive Advisors, GV (formerly Google Ventures), RRE Capital, Rock Springs Capital, Claritas Capital and TQ Ventures. Learn more at www.kindbody.com and follow them on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.