Inhaling oxygen and frankincense at a Young Living EO Convention was divine.

If you are just getting started with essential oils, you can learn from others’ mistakes. Forgive yourself! My favorite forgiveness oil for to get started with is frankincense. “I forgive for me,” as Rev. Henrietta Byrd says.

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She made errors and learned the hard way. Now you don’t have to. See the video.

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I feel very inoculated. You know what I mean.

12 Additional Favorite Oils for Getting You Started

In addition to frankincense, the following oils are precious favorite oils that I use almost all the time. I love them because they assist with emotional AND physical health. Whether it is promotion, prevention or just maintenance, these oils have lots of scientific studies to back them up. Remember, JUST ONE DROP is recommended for getting started. (See my Youtube videos for how to apply.)

  1. Eucalyptus is well known as a wonder scent to have in the home, because everything is just fresher with eucalyptus leaves around.

2. Fennel is a wonderful sweetness replacer, and is also useful for supporting the female physical makeup.

3. Juniper as an oil has actions similar to the herb. It is important for supporting the male physical makeup.

4. Lavender is well known for its lively scent and calming properties. Too much and you’ll stay up rather than relax.

5. Lemon is delightful and can be used many of the ways actual lemons are used, without getting wax on your fingers.

6. Geranium supports the quality of the skin and many people swear by it. I combine it with other good-for-skin oils.

7. Peppermint, as you probably know, is particularly supportive of the digestive system and for promoting clarity of mind.

8. Rosemary, too, is part of the mint family and also helpful in encouraging a clear head. It is know in cosmetics for supporting the condition of the scalp and hair.

9. &10. Sage & Clary Sage support the hormonal system, which helps to bring male & female emotions into balance.

11. Wintergreen has been identified to possess the same energetic frequency as bone. That’s why I used it for my stubbed toe (see 7/5 post), along with yarrow (to support the nerves).

12. Ylang Ylang is beloved because it helps me to say the right words to “redeem” my life (. I have found it increases my level of intimacy with myself, God and others. Google ylang ylang and “thehealmobile.com” and a slew of articles will come up.

Feel free to search for more information about any oil listed on this site. You are also invited to join our HealMobile Team calls and live meetings on Tuesdays. Text (201) 966-1170. Why not be an “oiler” for your healmobile….

–Rev. Niamo Nancy